Why Men Love Silver
For as long as mankind can remember, silver jewelry has adorned both the men and women who could afford it. From ancient Egypt to Dynastic China to the mountains of Peru, silver is a staple of human fashion and decoration. While silver is popular with both sexes, men seem to choose it over other precious metals more often than not. If you lump silver in with platinum and white gold, men will almost always choose the pale metals over the yellow metals -though there are of course certain cultural exceptions.

Silver allows men to wear an accessory that is not only beautiful and displays a certain level of wealth, but it is also relatively easy to wear. People understand a well-made piece can last for centuries and is not as gaudy as a gold alternative may be. These two factors, in combination with a series of social incentives, have made silver one of the premier metals for the modern man.


Durable and easy to match with nearly any trend. A silver watch can be worn with the vast majority of a man’s ensembles. Understated and elegant. For this reason, silver becomes a safer choice for males who tend to favor more formal attire.

This is a versatile metal though, and formal attire is definitely not it’s only strength.

At Lazaro, we have been dressing some of the biggest names in rock for years. Some of the most popular rings and necklaces amongst Rock musicians are silver; they just happened to feature large and apparent pendants or gemstones as well. Silver is the perfect neutral base with which to highlight a feature within the jewelry, and done correctly can make a gem or element even more dazzling.

It Works Best With Certain Skin Tones

One of the ways in which I have seen this explained goes as such:

  • Blue/Purple veins equal a cool skin tone
  • Green veins make for a warm skin tone
  • Blue, green, and purple veins are a neutral skin tone

The cool skin tones work the best with light metals like silver. The warm skin tones favor the yellow metals. The neutral skin tones work well with both. This chart is obviously more geared towards Caucasian skin. Fair skin with red or pale undertones are often recommended to use silver while tanned, olive or Mediterranean skin can go either way.

Image of Tattooed Model in Lazaro Jewelry

While some worry that silver can become “lost” on darker skin, many can wear the lighter jewelry in such a way that makes use of the drastic contrast. In many cases, these are some of the most impressive applications of the metal.

The point is, silver can work with your skin tone, you just need to be aware of how it does.

It is Easy to Wear

Think about the popularity of silver cars. This happens for a good reason. Silver is a safe color that gives off a vibe of professionalism and modernity. To wear it correctly requires only that you look confident and keep it understated.

Even those musicians we spoke of earlier have a relatively easy time wearing silver. When everything you wear is dark and moody, contrasting it with some gleaming silver is reasonably easy to pull off.

The popularity and wide assortment of designs add to this ease of use. Sterling silver is most common and easily available jewelry. One can find countless designs if they know where to look.

Pieces We Suggest

Image of Model Wearing Silver Lazaro Bracelets

Our accessories are for the bold and extraordinary - but they also mesh well with a series of styles and looks. If you enjoyed this article please share it, and the Lazaro jewellery line, with others who share your taste in alternative high fashion. Also, if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to reach out to Lazaro here.

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