Summer Ready Style: Sunglasses

Travel to Rome and you will see eight year olds rocking better threads than most grown men elsewhere in the world - eyewear is no exception. In fact, the Italians have a unique penchant for beautiful eyewear that dates back well over a century.

This summer Lazaro is carrying a unique lineup of classic inspired Italian made sunglasses; a perfect compliment to our overall summer aesthetic. Each one of these glasses not only brings with them decades of history, but they also remain as stylish able to make a statement today as they did in the years they were created.

Italian Inspiration

L.G.R. is inspired by the unique sunglasses of Italy worn in the 19th and early 20th century. The brand designs combine Italian elegance with a rugged purpose and are perfect for both accessorizing and utility. These classic styles never truly went out of fashion, and in many ways remain superior and more desired than the modern designs worn today.


The Sun-drenched campaigns of Africa required substantial innovations in eye protection. The eyewear of Italian officers inspires the L.G.R. Reunion line of sunglasses.

While the Italian military saw little success in their African campaigns of the 20th century, the Italian fashion industry fared much better. The landscape of Africa had no shortage of sun and heat, and the Italians responded in their usual fashion, with fashion.

Light-weight but resistant, these  "Zero-Base" flat lenses are perfect for maintaining a sense of nobility and style on your summer adventures.


Lawrence Sunglasses
Lawrence of Arabia was immortalized by his role in the Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire and the subsequent movie about his life. The image of him zooming through the desert on the back of his Brough Superior SS100 wearing his keffiyeh scarf and sunglasses, taking on an empire, captured the imaginations of millions and cemented the image of the gentlemen adventurer.

Those worn by the British officer inspires the Lawrence line of glasses, and function just well in the Arabian desert, or whatever adventure your life takes you on. Stainless steel, leather side flaps, and flat zero base lenses.

Iconic Cool: TYG Cary

TYG is another amazing  Italian eyewear line inspired by the icons of our history.

Carrie Grant was perhaps one of the “coolest” men to walk the planet. A massive star during the Golden Age of Hollywood, he was known for both his comedic roles and his handsome and gentlemanly composure. HIs ability to pull off sports cars and (of course) sunglasses even got him an offer to play James Bond in Dr. No, but Grant was also too cool for that as it required a multi-movie commitment.

You can’t go wrong looking to this icon of fashion and style for inspiration. That is why we carry the Carrie Grant inspired Flash Grey Gradient Green TYG Sunglasses.

The Cary frames do a great job of echoing the styles of Hollywood greats - dapper, elegant and simple. They work well with a wide array of ensembles from suits to leather jackets. The only requirement is a certain sense of bravado.

TYG also has a spectacle frame design that we carry (Woody Standard Green). These frames are for the more sensible man and give an impression more akin to that of Woody Allen.

Our accessories are for the bold and extraordinary - but they also mesh well with a series of styles and looks. If you enjoyed this article please share it, and the Lazaro jewellery line, with others who share your taste in alternative high fashion. Also, if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to reach out to Lazaro here.

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