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Imported all the way from Japan just for Lazaro's customers, we bring you some of KMRii's unique and timeless collection. Lui Onozaki, the creator of KMRii, utilizes cutting edge treatments and techniques as well as his experience from years of world traveling to design each piece.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to Contact Us or Call Us at: (212) 219-8494. We are always happy to help.
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Shirring Linen Layered Pants
Linen Layered Pants
Stretch Twill Pants
Crush Skinny Pants
Crush KMRii Skinny Jeans
Blue Men's Kmrii Tee Shirt
Turquoise Powder Storm KMRii Stole
Turquoise Powder Storm KMRii Square Stole
Longsleeve/Shortsleeve Daydream KMRii T-Shirt
Special Edition Daydream KMRii T-Shirt
Black KMRii Crocodile Leather Multi Pouch
Kmrii Discharged Linen Blazer
Kmrii's classic blazer is back with a twist. This 100% linen blazer is designed with Kmrii's signature discharged color treatment for a relaxed, edgy look.
Kmrii Perforated Leather Hoodie
This handsome jacket features perforated leather for breathability, and a double zipper for a multitude of wearing options. This hoodie is perfect for everyday wear or special events, and will keep you looking and feeling cool.
Kmrii Discharged Vest
This 100% linen vest by Kmrii is perfect for those who always strive to look their best. Wear this vest on a night out to impress your date, or even just on a night out with friends. This unique and timeless style is what Kmrii was founded on.
Kmrii Border Mesh Sweater
This 100% cotton sweater by Kmrii is an excellent choice for a cool day when a normal sweater is just too heavy. Lightweight and breathable, this sweater is the perfect accent to your mild weather outfit.
Grey Men's Kmrii Tee Shirt
Long men's Kmrii tee shirt made of 50% linen 50% modal. A striking men's v-neck tee in dark grey with a lighter grey graphic design on the front.
KMRii Red and Black Distressed Top
This is a handcrafted long sleeve top from KMRii featuring a distressed look in red and black. Every one of these shirts in an utterly unique creation, as they are each crafted individually. Even the dye itself is handmade in Japan specifically for Lazaro clientele. Your wardrobe deserves a personalized touch, something impossible to replicate- and that is precisely what this long sleeve top from KMRii seeks to do. To set you apart. The contrast of the red and black make for a bold statement. Major Features: Made in Japan. Custom hand dyed color made for Lazaro. Comes in Sizes 4 and 5. Longer in length than typical styles.
KMRii Discharged Black and White Long Sleeve Top
A splash of the KMRii signature discharged print adds the right amount of spice to this long sleeve top, utilizing the neutral black and white to give you one hip shirt.
KMRii Slash Tee
The edgy look that will come calling, from rock stars to seeing stars, the KMRii slash tee roars of satisfaction.