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Casa Almacen is based in Jauregui, Lujan in Argentina. Founded in 1924, this company built its foundation over an old factory. This location now houses a process where 141 handcrafted colors are used to dye specially knit fabrics like velvet, linen, panama, canvas, and gauze, all made from pure cotton. The pigments used in their clothing are handpicked from India and England, where only the most exclusive pigments are available. All fabrics from Casa Almacen are hand painted by a group of artists who take great care and pride in the fine detail of their work. In the words of the artists and designers behind Casa Almacen, "FROM ARGENTINA TO THE WORLD WITH LOVE AND PROFESSIONALISM."
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Casa Almacen Liberty Blue Velvet Poncho
This handsome poncho by Casa Almacen is made by hand in Argentina. Made from liberty blue colored velvet, this poncho also features a soft linen lining. Lazaro Soho is proud to bring you this incredibly unique look that can only be made by Casa Almacen.