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Your Handy Printable Ring Sizer

As ring sizes can vary between manufacturers, it is important to either have an exact measurement for your finger or know the ring maker’s sizing when purchasing a ring. This is particularly essential when buying something like men's wedding rings online. Conventionally, measuring your finger for a ring size would require using a piece of string, marking it at the appropriate point and then in turn taking a measurement with a ruler or measuring tape. While this provides a good estimate, it is not 100% accurate, nor particularly convenient. As a better solution, we have created a handy printable ring size guide.

Ring Sizer for Large Ring Sizes

The Lazaro printable ring sizer is a simple but superior way to ensure your investment will fit you or your loved one’s finger perfectly. Designed to loop securely through itself, Lazaro’s ring sizes will clearly be printed on the paper. Many printable sizers do not go beyond the most common rig sizes of medium or medium-large; however, this particular sizer will measure all the way up to size 17.

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Quick and Easy Ring Sizing

Finding your ring size free with our sizer is extremely easy to use. After printing out the PDF provided (be sure to do so at 100% for accurate sizing), carefully cut out the sizer. Cut the slit where indicated – this is where the pointed side will slip through so the sizer forms a ring shape. After pulling to a snug fit at the base of your finger, the arrow will clearly indicate what your ring size is. The paper sizer is reusable and can be easily replaced by simply printing it out again. Click here to quickly download your free ring sizer and ensure a perfect fit for your next Lazaro ring.

Download Men's Ring Sizer

*Remember to Print at 100%