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Men's Necklaces

Be on the forefront of men’s fashion with these unique necklace designs made from an assortment of carefully set white diamonds and beautifully hand crafted metals. Jewelry designer LazaroSoho is on the cutting edge of men’s fashion, bringing you the most sought after rugged jewelry that can be easily recognized around the world. Find necklaces for men that are a statement within men’s fashion from Buddha pendants, Maltese crosses, evil eye necklaces, and skull pendants. We also offer silver chains and handmade necklaces beaded with onyx, hematite, and sapphire.


Actors Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg also wear Lazaro jewelry. You can see Mark Wahlberg, sporting our The Sterling Silver Gun Necklace, during an action scene with Denzel Washington, wearing our Black Onyx Necklace, in the action packed movie 2 Guns. This men’s jewelry works to express the actors’ personalities, rather than just functioning as an addition to their wardrobes.