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Used for centuries in both religious ceremonies and the adornment of royalty, fine wooden jewelry is nearly a lost art in many places of the world. Recently, In the music scene and other creative industries, there has been a resurgence of appreciation for the beauty and earthy power of a mastercrafted wood bracelet. Lazaro has handpicked the finest of these offerings to be apart of our jewelry lineup.

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Braided Leather & Tibetan Wood Prayer Bead Bracelet
This earthy bracelet features a handcarved 12x10mm Tibetan wood prayer bead on a handwoven leather cord. Tibetan prayer beads, also known as malas, are a tool used to count the number of times a mantra is spoken or to regulate breathing patterns during meditation. Made to fit an 8in wrist.
$105.00 $52.50
Limited Edition Wood Roundell & Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Ceramic, Sterling Silver, & Wood Bracelet
This red and black bracelet is made from hand-carved 10mm ceramic, 7mm sterling silver, and 12mm wood beads. Bracelet is strung on an elastic cord for easy wearing.
$170.00 $85.00
Wood & Hammered Brass Men's Beaded Bracelet
This nature-inspired bracelet features hammered yellow and silver brass beads framed by hand-carved black wood beads. Bracelet can be stacked or stand alone as a singlet.
Wood, Brass & Turquoise Men's Beaded Bracelet
Chic bracelet vibes with dark wood beads surrounding brass spacers and a greenish turquoise center. A rock-n-roll bracelet for musicians, business men and you.
$175.00 $108.00
Wood & Tiger's Eye Bracelet
This bracelet features hand-carved 7mm dark wood beads surrounding a 10mm tiger's eye bead.
$180.00 $90.00
Turquoise, Ceramic & Silver Beaded Bracelet
This is a “mixed-media” bracelet featuring elements of ceramic, turquoise and wooden beads - a prime example of base elements being polished to their most beautiful and most appealing. The art of turning materials such as woods and ceramics into jewelry has been a hallmark of a master craftsman -for the value is derived from their work. This piece follows that craftsman tradition closely and makes for an incredibly alluring and comfortable wrist accessory. Unconventional and refined, this bracelet pairs well with other bracelets to form custom stacks. Major Features: 8mm Wooden Beads Mixed With 7mm Red Ceramic beads. The Turquoise beads measure in at  10mm. The roundels are made from Sterling Silver.
Turquoise, Tibetan Wood, & Sterling Silver Bracelet
This bracelet is comprised of 8mm-12mm bone, turquoise, and tibetan wood beads arranged between our signature sterling silver spacers. The vibrant turquoise provides the perfect contrast to the darkly colored wood and bone beads.
Tigers Eye, Silver & Tibetan Wood Men's Bracelet
Don't over look this golden tigers eye paired with handcarved 60 year old Tibetan wood prayer beads accented with detail-rich sterling silver roundels. This men's bracelet is completed with deerskin leather trimmings.
Turquoise, Silver & Wooden Bead Bracelet
You'll love this the way this bracelet looks and feels on your wrist. Turquoise is long believed to be a stone of protection. This bracelet features centerpiece turquoise bead flanked on both sides by our signature silver roundells. Polished dark wood beads finish out this comfortable to wear bracelet.
$345.00 $172.50
Ebony Wood, Brass, & Turquoise Bracelet
This hand-carved bead bracelet features 11mm ebony wood beads and brass roundels surrounding a 12mm turquoise center bead. Bracelet is claspless and strung on an elastic cord.
$350.00 $175.00
Gold & Wooden Tibetan Prayer Bead Leather Men's Bracelet
7mm 14kt gold roundelles on a men's bracelet with 13mm vintage wooden Tibetan prayer beads. This bracelet for men is handstrung on high quality black leather.
Brass, Conch Shell & Wood Beaded Men's Bracelet
Go fierce with your Summer style with conch shell beads displaying small pops of mixed color and surrounded by black wood beads, as well as, brass and sterling silver roundels. Features a sterling silver closure clasp.
Carved Horn Tibetan Meditation Bead With Sapphire Silver Bracelet
Tibetan beads are a form of sacred item used for counting mantras, chanting, reflection and meditation. As with all of the products carried by Lazaro, we have taken extra care to find the finest example of such an item in both its craftsmanship and materials. This bracelet is made of carved wooden beads clasped with a beautiful silver roundel. Major Features: 12-13mm carved wooden beads are surrounding a Sterling Silver Fleur de Lis.
Tibetan Wood, Kynite, Spinel, & Silver Bracelet
This bracelet features 12mm hand-carved tibetan wood beads and sterling silver spacer beads surrounding four 10mm kynite beads and a 13mm x 12mm spinel bead. Bracelet measures 8.5 inches in length and has a sterling silver clasp closure.
$850.00 $425.00
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