Men's Tourmaline Bracelets

Tourmaline is perhaps the most colorful of all the gemstones. We let the intense nature of the stone inspire our line of men’s tourmaline bracelets. Each one is crafted with a meticulous eye to detail, and with the best in precious metals and stones. Let these unique bracelets show off both your eye for beauty and penchant for individuality.

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Brass tourmaline lava bead bracelet with silver skull
Handknotted brass tourmaline lava bead bracelet with a solid sterling silver skull.
Carved Pearl & Tourmaline Bead Bracelet
Silver, Tourmaline & Lava Bead Men's Bracelet
8.5" Men's bracelet handstrung with white brass, sterling silver, and tourmaline beads on a bracelet for men with 8mm lava beads.
Silver, Brass & Tourmaline Men's Bracelet
Brass bead men's bracelet featuring sterling silver and tourmaline beads handstrung on an 8" bracelet for men.
Tourmaline & Yellow Brass Bead Skull Men's Bracelet
This handcrafted 12mm yellow brass skull bracelet for men is a handstrung 6mm tourmaline men's bracelet with brass spacers.
Silver Skull & Beads on Tourmaline Men's Bracelet
This handstrung men's bracelet with 6mm tourmaline is a bracelet for men with a 12mm sterling silver skull and 6mm sterling silver beads.
Tourmaline, Brass Bead & Silver Skull Men's Bracelet
This men's bracelet with 6mm tourmaline beads is a sterling silver skull bracelet for men handstrung with 3mm brass beads.