Men's Snake Rings

The serpent has represented a number of things to many cultures around the world. Many still find they have an affinity with the mysterious nature and entrancing movements of the snake. For this reason, the snake works beautifully as a design element and conveys a sense of danger and power. This combination of danger and precious metals is something many find irresistible.

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Stackable Silver Snake Ring
Sterling Silver Snake Skin Ring
Spinel Snake Scale Eternity Band
Sterling Silver Wrap-Around Snake Ring Band
Black Diamond Men's Silver Snake Ring
This coiled silver snake ring has a dark patina and is studded with black diamonds.
Men's Ruby & Diamond Two Headed Snake Ring
This two headed sterling silver snake ring with 18kt gold and ruby set eyes contrasts one head studded in black diamonds with another in white diamonds.
Limited Edition Silver & Ruby Double Snake Ring
The double snake has long symbolized the duality of life, nature, and the connection between the earth’s primal forces. The two-headed snake has been used to represent the intimate joining of two separate entities (personalities, cultures, etc.) and has even been used as a symbol for advanced aspects of communication A hint of magic, history, and culture in a seemingly simple design. Major Features: Limited edition sterling silver double snake head ring measures 8mm at the head and 5mm at the body. With .o4 ct ruby eyes.
Sterling Silver & Ruby Medusa Ring
The Snake & Silver Skull Ring
This unique handmade skull ring with snake is a sterling silver ring with 24k gold teeth overlay and a white diamond eye.
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