Men's Skull Jewelry - A Fashionable Art

Skull jewelry has been popular since ancient times when tribal people wore uniquely designed ornaments with skull emblems made of bones and shells. Egyptians believed that the skull denoted the cycle of life after death. They did not fear death but believed that it took human beings to a new life. People pierced their bones as well as their skin to attach the jewelry. It must have been painful, but it was high fashion in those days. The artisans who fashioned this jewelry were very talented and their designs have remained appealing for thousands of years. European royalty sometimes wore skull pendants made of gold and silver to show off their elegance and wealth. In the Elizabethan age, silver skull rings gained popularity. Skulls without the lower jaw became symbols of persons associated with illegal activities. A similar symbol of the skull is prevalent even today. Motorcycle gang members sometimes wear these types of rings hoping to induce fear among their rivals.

Skull Jewelry as an Art Form

Men's Diamond Skull Ring with Cigar

Today, these goods can be produced in factories on a large scale using brass, alloy, silver, and stainless steel, but Lazaro SoHo prefers the ancient process of making each piece of skull jewelry by hand. Whether they are made of silver or gold, each of these artworks is unique. No two are produced in the same way.

When skull jewelry is handmade, all the pieces, no matter how similar, will have some differences in style and shape. These pieces are crafted with some elegant and rocking designs. The amount of time and hard work that is put into creating each piece makes it that much more valuable.

It's not only bikers and rock stars who prefer this type of jewelry; these are very beautiful pieces that are treasured by art lovers all over the world. These masterpieces are unique in their designs and will always provide a killer look to the individual who sports the item.

Men's Skull Rings

Silver Skull Ring Being Polished

Men's skull rings are very popular pieces of jewelry. Though they can be made up of a wide variety of materials, silver rings are especially liked by most men. Different patterns of silver rings are available in the market, but silver skull rings are quite appealing.

The Symbolism of Skull Jewelry

Crystal Skull Ring for Men

Some of them have wings which signify freedom or rising from the dead. Others have crossbones which signify danger or terror. Designs that depict skulls along with butterflies symbolize how the form of life changes from one to the other. Snakes and skulls show immortality and the shift from one life to the next. Not only do accessories add a flash to your personality, but they also highlight your style. Many websites offer good choices in a variety of substances. Shoppers can look at different designs and read about trends before selecting their favorite.

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