Men's Raven Skull Necklaces

From the Nordic Sagas to the more modern Gothic ambiance of Edgar Allan Poe, the raven has remained an icon in culture for over two millennia. It has symbolized a variety of attributes ranging from grief to wisdom. We have harnessed this potent symbol to create a truly unique line of necklaces with their own dark beauty.

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Raven Skull Pendant Necklace
The raven is a sign of both wisdom and intelligence in cultures ranging from the Norse to the Greeks. A sharp eye and sharper wit have been the hallmarks of these dark creatures of the heavens. The raven became a key aspect and symbol of hunting ventures, scouting parties, and sailing adventures for thousands of years. Artists and musicians have long sought to harness these images and themes in their work. This hand-cast raven skull replica features a painted sterling silver skull fused with a hand polished brass beak. These materials were expertly crafted and combined with the hallmark Lazaro Silver Mirror Chain - also available as a lone pendant. Major Features: A 38mm x 15mm Sterling SIlver hand-cast raven skull pendant. Polished Brass Beak. 24" Silver Mirror Chain.
Silver, Gold & Black Diamond Raven Skull Pendant
This bold raven's head design features a striking raven shaped pendant with a head of sterling silver and a beak made of eye-catching 18kt gold. Inset with black diamonds this incredible design is stylish and symbolic. Celtic tradition associated the Raven with numerous bigger-than-life figures and this design is made to be seen.
Lazaro Soho is proud to bring you our collection of unique raven skull necklaces. Our sterling silver raven skull necklaces are completely unique, you will not find them anywhere else. Cast from a genuine raven bird skull, our raven skull pendant necklace is both realistic and beautiful.