Men's Raven Jewelry

The Allfather Odin had two Ravens, one upon each of his shoulders, representing both wisdom and intelligence. In ancient Greek Myths, the Raven was a symbol of prophecy. Humans have always denoted the Raven with supernatural influence. Even today the bird remains a dark and mysterious symbol. We have harnessed this potent icon to create a truly unique line of jewelry with its own dark beauty.

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Silver Raven Skull Cufflinks
These unique handmade solid sterling silver raven skull cufflinks feature great attention to detail.
Silver Raven Cufflinks With Garnet Eyes
These unique handmade sterling silver raven cufflinks feature genuine garnet eyes.
Sterling Silver Raven Skull Ring
Python Raven Pendant on Onyx Beaded Chain
A Lazaro SoHo signature Raven pendant sizzles on a black onyx beaded chain, the pendant is constructed on sterling silver and covered in black python skin.