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Lazaro is dedicated to bringing you necklaces that feel at home both on and off the stage. Each one of our necklace collections elegantly displays a message to the world, and compliments a wide range of styles.

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Long Tahitian Pearl Necklace
This necklace is made from Tahitian pearls strung on a hand-knotted cord. Necklace length measures 54".
Black Onyx Infinity Necklace
This 60in infinity necklace is made with 8mm polished black onyx beads on a hand knotted cord. A truly versatile style, this necklace can be worn as-is, wrapped 2-3 times for a layered look, or worn as a wrap bracelet.
$560.00 $280.00
Silver & Ruby Vampire Bat Skull Necklace
This macabre necklace features a sterling silver bat skull with rubies set in the teeth strung on a 20in brass bead chain. The 24mm long by 12mm wide pendant features a mouth that opens and closes.
$1,700.00 $850.00
Black Spinel & Silver Fleur De Lis Rosary Necklace
This darkly beautiful rosary features faceted black spinel beads with sterling silver accents. The Fleur De Lis pendant measures 20x20mm, and the key pendant measures 59x21mm. This necklace measures 28in long around neck with a 5 in length to the key.
$1,200.00 $600.00
Rhodium Plated Brass Chain Necklace
This charmingly simple bracelet is made from brass chain links plated with a lustrous coating of rhodium. Chain links are 5mm thick and the necklace measures 22 in length.
$240.00 $120.00
Rhodiumed Brass Raven Pendant
$145.00 $73.00
Brass Skeleton Key Necklace Pendant
This handsome pendant is made to look like a vintage skeleton key. The key pendant can be purchased on its own or with the brass ball chain necklace pictured for an additional price.
Brass Skull Necklace Pendant
Looking for the stylish gold jewelry look without the expensive gold price tag? This handmade brass skull pendant can be purchased on its own or with the brass ball chain necklace pictured for an additional price.
Diamond & Sapphire Eye Leather Pendant
This handsome tassled eye pendant features a 18x13mm rough sapphire bead studded with sterling silver, faceted sapphire, and diamond detailing. The woven leather secures the bead and delicately frames it, turning into tassles at the bottom. Pendant measures 7-8in.
Skull on Hemp Necklace
This charming knotted hemp necklace is perfect for every day wear. Featuring a beautiful but subtle 11x7mm sterling silver skull bead. Measuring 30in long, this cool necklace is also adjustable so you can choose the length best suited to your style.
Ruby on Knotted Hemp Necklace
Radiant ruby and onyx beads on a knotted hemp cord make for the perfect unique necklace to add to your collection. The rough ruby beads measure 8mm to 14mm, and the black onyx beads measure 8mm. This necklace can be adjusted from 24 to 29in.
Brass Maltese Cross Pendant
This handsome maltese cross pendant is made from brass and measures 30x16mm. This pendant can be bought on its own, or paired with our brass ball chain necklace for an additional charge.
Mini Brass King Skull Pendant
This mini king skull pendant measures 16x10mm and is made from brass. This product is available with the mini brass king skull pendant only or with a brass Italian twist chain necklace option for an additional charge.
Mini Brass Key Pendant
This vintage 30x13mm key pendant is made from beautiful yellow brass. This product is available with the mini brass key pendant only or with a brass Italian twist chain necklace option for an additional charge.
Polished Brass Raven Skull Pendant
This handsome all-brass edition of our classic raven's skull pendant is absolutely to die for. This product is available with the 48x15mm brass raven pendant only or with a brass necklace option for an additional charge.
Brass Lion & Silver Double Talon Necklace
This necklace features a 15x12 roaring brass lion perched atop two 49x47mm silver cast talons. The pendant is supported by a 16x10mm brass bail.
South Sea Pearl & Sterling Silver Mini Skull Pendant
This charming necklace pendant features a 9mm jump ring supporting two 7x6mm sterling silver mini skulls and a 13mm south sea pearl with a sterling silver crown sat atop it.
Jade & Brass Crown Pendant
This charming bracelet features a 14mm jade bead topped with a gleaming 15x25mm polished brass crown.
Hand-Knotted Deerskin Leather Lariat Necklace
This necklace is truly one of a kind with it's unique hand-dyed purple deerskin leather. Meticulously woven and knotted together by hand for an intricate streamlined look, no two pieces are ever the same.
$275.00 $137.50
Carved Jet Skull on Classic Silver Box Chain
This hand-carved jet skull pendent is displayed on a classic sterling silver box chain. This classic Lazaro design is absolutely timeless.
$320.00 $160.00
Sapphire & Lava Men's Beaded Necklace
Formed deep within the earth, lava rocks have found centuries of use as beacons of energy and healing. Lava stones are thought to both balance emotions, withdraw negative energy and to boost the bodies natural healing properties. They also have a mysterious beauty that artists have long prized. This truly one-of-a-kind necklace Is made of raw lava beads encompassing sapphire stones with sterling silver accents. Major Features: 6mm lava beads, 5mm sapphire beads, 24 inches in length.
Limited Edition Hematite & Sapphire Beaded Necklace
The night comes alive with this his necklace of hand strung hematite stones. knots between each stone tie together the 3.5mm hematite and 4mm sapphire beads with sterling silver capped accents. This 30" necklace is a limited edition Lazaro design and fastens with a strong sterling silver lobster claw type clasp.
$515.00 $257.50
Silver Trojan Soldier Pendant Necklace
Unleash your inner spiritualty and believe in a greater power with this solid sterling silver Roman Torosian pendant, featuring the carvings of sacred geometry on the reverse of the pendant. Pendant is handstrung on the finest deerskin leather.
$595.00 $297.50
Hand Knotted Tourmaline Necklace
This tourmaline bead necklace for men is hand knotted on durable high quality parachute cord.
$290.00 $145.00
Assorted Size Faceted Spinel Necklace/Bracelet
$295.00 $147.50
Hand Knotted Black Spinel Bracelet/Necklace
Sterling Silver Box Chain
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, luckily this 24" box chain necklace is handmade from sterling silver to ensure each link is as beautiful -and resilient as possible. While outward appearances may not immediately discern this silver necklace from comparable items- we have taken the time to seek out a level of quality in both the silver and construction worthy of Lazaro and the master crafted pendants we offer. Major Features: Sturdy classic 24"" , 2mm box chain necklace forged by hand from sterling silver.
Brass Coin, & Resin Jaw Necklace
This unique necklace features three pendants made from a 19mm Brass Coin, a 42mm x 20mm resin jaw, and a 13mm piece of pyrite.
Wood, Silver, & Ruby Necklace
This charming necklace is made from 6mm wood beads, 5mm ruby beads, and sterling silver spacers on a hand knotted leather cord.
$350.00 $175.00
Brass & Black Rhodium Raven Necklace
This necklace is made with a 60mm x 15mm brass and black rhodium raven pendant strung on a 22 inch anchor chain.
$400.00 $200.00
Blue Tiger's Eye, Conch, & Silver Necklace
This nature-inspired necklace is made from sterling silver spacers, 6mm conch shell, & 8mm blue tiger's eye beads.
$180.00 $90.00
Brass Coin & Bear Claw Necklace
This unique necklace features a 22mm brass coin and two bear claw pendants measuring 39mm x 10mm and 22mm x 9mm.
Agate, Turquoise, & Shell Heishi Style Necklace
This 19 inch Native American inspired peacepipe necklace is made with 4.5mm beads hand-carved from turquoise, shell, and agate.
Buffalo Horn Feather Pendant Necklace
This unique necklace features a feather-shaped pendant crafted from sterling silver, diamond, & buffalo horn strung on a 24" necklace made with 4mm tiger's eye beads, sterling silver roundels, and 4mm ruby beads. Pendant measures 60mm x 21mm.
$2,100.00 $1,050.00
Labradorite, Sterling Silver, 18kt Gold Vermeil Pendant on Leather Necklace
This 32" leather strap necklace is strung with a 40mm x 7mm labradorite, sterling silver, & 18kt gold finished vermeil pendant.
$320.00 $160.00
Bone, Silver, & Coral Pendant on Sponge Coral Necklace
This 22 inch necklace features 4mm sponge coral beads on a hand knotted cord with a 35mm x 11mm bone, silver, and coral pendant.
$440.00 $220.00
Silver & Lapis Arrow Pendant on Lapis & Turquoise Necklace
This 22 inch boho style necklace is made from 3mm lapis and turquoise beads and features a 52mm x 10mm silver and lapis arrow pendant.
$480.00 $240.00
Silver & Coral Pendant on Sponge Coral Necklace
This 20 inch necklace is made from 4mm sponge coral beads and features a 30mm x 17mm silver and coral pendant.
$600.00 $300.00
Silver Screw Men's Necklace
Our signature 1 1/2 inch sterling silver screw pendant hand strung on a 30" black deerskin leather necklace is the perfect piece of flair for the contemporary man.
$310.00 $155.00
Onyx, Shell, & Turquoise Heishi Style Necklace
This necklace features 4.5mm - 11mm heishi style beads is made from onyx, shell, & turquoise.
Turquoise, Shell, & Agate Peacepipe Necklace
This 25" Native American inspired necklace is crafted from hand shaped hei-shi style beads. Beads are 4mm, made from turquoise, shell, and agate.
Diamond South Sea Pearl & Silver Razorblade Pendants on Leather Necklace
This unique necklace features a South Sea pearl, diamonds, and a sterling silver razorblade pendant on 30" leather strap. South sea pearl pendant measures 15mm x 11mm, razorblade pendant measures 21mm x 14mm.
$900.00 $450.00
Alexander the Great Silver Coin on Hand Knotted Turquoise Necklace
This hand knotted necklace is strung with 3mm turquoise beads and a sterling silver Alexander the Great repro coin pendant. Necklace measures 25" in length.
$600.00 $300.00
Sterling Silver Pendant on Leather Necklace
This 2.5" x 1 1/4" sterling silver pendant is strung on a 30" leather cord. As well as making a stylish necklace, the pendant also doubles as a unique 3 finger ring.
$480.00 $240.00
Brass Mano Cornuto & Mano Fico Pendants on Leather Strap
The Mano Cornuto (Horn Hand) and Mano Fico (Fig Hand) are ancient Italian symbols of good luck. Meant to ward off the evil eye and protect the wearer from harm, these pendants paired together are the ultimate protection. Both pendants are made of brass and are strung on a 30" leather strap. Mano Cornuto pendant measures 23mm x 9mm and the Mano Fico pendant measures 30mm x 11mm.
$290.00 $145.00
Turqoise, Agate, & Shell Peacepipe Necklace
This hei-shi inspired necklace features beads made from turquoise, agate, and shell. Beads range in size from 4mm-6mm.
Leather & Agate Lariat
This leather lariat style necklace features a 34mm x 16mm agate stone bead. Sizes of stone vary, necklace has a 36" neckline and 11" fringe.
$210.00 $105.00
Brass & Leather Nail Pendant on Leather Necklace
This necklace features a 4 inch brass nail pendant wrapped in leather strung on a 30" leather cord.
$300.00 $150.00
Shop cool men's necklaces like skulls, crosses, Celtic, dog tag and more. Our necklaces are made from a sterling silver, gold, diamond, and precious & semi-precious gemstones. Shop our black leather men's necklaces, christian necklace styles, and beaded necklaces to find a style that's all your own. Create personalized styles by making a custom necklace, or with engraving.

Lazaro Soho offers many necklace designs and styles, like Men's Rock n' Roll Necklaces, Men's Beaded Necklaces, and Men's Cross Necklaces.
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