Men's Long-Sleeve Shirts

Lazaro takes pride it decking our patrons out in the most striking garments available. Our Men’s Long Sleeve Shirts are unique creations meant to catch the eye and present a demeanor of confidence and leisure. Each shirt is crafted with the same high-quality design and materials necessary to be considered a Lazaro product.

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Blue Autumn Tie Dye Cashmere Hoodie
Grey Green Autumn Long Sleeve Shirt
Washed Blue Autumn Cashmere Shirt
Multi-Color Autumn Tie Dye Cashmere Shirt
Light Blue Autumn Tie Dye Cashmere Shirt
Long Sleeve Bob Marley Shirt
Hunter Green Long Sleeve Gauze Shirt
White Gauze Long Sleeve Shirt
NoNoYes Printed Long Sleeve Shirt
Brown Morrison Flared-Sleeve Shirt
Hunter Green Morrison Flared-Sleeve Shirt
Red Morrison Flared-Sleeve Shirt
From lazy days to crazy days, this cotton flared-sleeve shirt will have the time passing for those who wish to lounge or run about the town.
Lazaro Taupe & Black Stripe Flared Sleeve Shirt
This 100% cotton, taupe and black striped shirt by Lazaro features flared sleeves and slot-style neckline. This shirt gives off a chill, boho vibe that is perfect for hanging out with friends or even a relaxing day at the beach.
Lazaro Flared Striped Shirt
This shirt by Lazaro features a barbos v-neck style neckline and long flared sleeves. With blue and white striping and a comfortable fit, this shirt is the perfect alternative to generic button-up shirts.
Embroidered Hamsa Hand Lace Up Shirt
Striking grey long sleeved pullover featuring the fashionable Hamsa Hand design in blue and light grey, symbolizing good luck. features lace up neck detail and pockets. Made of 48% cotton 48% polyester 4% spandex. Also available in a women's version.
Black Embroidered Star Lace Up Shirt
Stars are not only the source of light for all the cosmos, but they also produce the elements which allow life to appear and thrive -and life begets art. It is no secret that mystics, musicians and artists and have long drawn from the stars for both inspiration in their work, and perhaps a touch of humility in the face of the infinite. Available in cuts for both Men and Women, this dark grey lace up pullover is made from 100% cotton and allows you to display your affinity for both high-end style, and that which lights our lives. Major Features: This wide sleeved design features pockets, a lace neck detail, and star design. Made of 100% cotton, this unique design is also available for women. Comes in Medium, Large and Extra Large.
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Grey Embroidered Star Lace Up Shirt
Made for the rising stars of this world - this piece sports an attitude and demeanor that speaks to both style and confidence. Meticulously designed around a relaxed, aloof feel -this pullover is a comfortable way to make heads turn. This textured grey and white lace up pullover long sleeved shirt features a striking star design, pockets, a lace neck detail, and star design. Major Features: Grey Embroidered Star Lace Up Shirt. Made of 48% cotton 48% polyester 4% spandex. Comes in Medium, Large and Extra Large.
Collaged Black Flannel Hoodie
Men's Eye of Horus Long Sleeve Shirt
Men's Eye of Horus T-shirt
Need More Speed Button Down Shirt
This blue button down shirt features the words "I Need More Speed" printed on the front, and long sleeves. The material is 100% cotton. These styles come from Rude Riders, a clothing label out of California that takes inspiration from American Biker styles and combines them with vintage and European elements. The unique mix of these styes are what make Rude Rider's apparel so fesh and exciting.
Black V-neck Desert Sun Shirt
Indigo V-neck Desert Sun Shirt
Indigo Hooded Desert Sun Shirt
Black Hooded Desert Sun Shirt
Ivory Hooded Desert Sun Shirt
Lazaro Flared Green Shirt
This shirt by Lazaro features long flared sleeves and a barbos v-neck style neckline. The forest green of this shirt is perfect for lovers of nature and natural shades.
KMRii Long Sleeve Side Shirring Shirt
This classic, easy to wear top features a shirring style cut that slims and defines the waist. The solid black color makes this shirt perfect for almost any pairing.