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For a rich and casual look with an edge, check out LazaroSoho Leather Bracelet collection.  Wear them as a single bracelet or layer them for a unique blend of leather, metal, and color. Lazaro designs bracelets that include hand braided leather and wrap bracelets for men. There are an assortment of designs available that each wield a unique touch of wearable art.


For a casual elegance, the Black Diamond & Silver Fleur De Lis bracelet is a top notch men’s bracelet with hand braided black leather harmonized with black diamonds and Silver Fleur De Lis details. For a vibrant addition to his collection, the Silver Red and Black Leather bracelet features a red braided leather band with black leather accents all separated by solid sterling silver fittings. Whatever the choice, a LazaroSoho leather bracelet is the perfect gift for the casual elegant man.   

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Black & White Woven Leather & Bronze Fleur De Lis Bracelet
This braided 5mm black and white leather bracelet features hand-carved bronze fleur de lis beads. Fitted with an adjustable closure for comfortability, simply pull and slide the closure for a customised fit.
$250.00 $125.00
Leather & Silver Bracelet
This 7mm bracelet is crafted from hand-dyed red, green, and black leather and sterling silver spacer beads. This bracelet is fully adjustable, just tug on the end cords to fit this bracelet to your preferred size.
$180.00 $90.00
White Leather & Bronze Fleur De Lis Bracelet
This braided white leather bracelet features hand-carved bronze fleur de lis beads. Fitted with an adjustable closure for comfortability.
$210.00 $105.00
Brown & Red Woven Leather & Silver Bracelet
This timelessly styled bracelet features Lazaro's classic 7mm sterling silver roundels on a woven 5mm leather bracelet. This piece is fully adjustable and eliminates the need for an uncomfortable clasp. Simply slide the knot, and pull the strings for a custom fit.
$250.00 $125.00
Woven Leather & Bronze Bracelet
This charming bracelet features a 13.5mm white bronze bead neighbored by two smaller 9mm bronze beads on a 10mm braided leather band. Affixed with a thread closure, this bracelet doesn't involve any difficult or bulky clasps.
$110.00 $55.00
Leather, Silver, & Jade Bracelet
This 5mm wide leather bracelet is the very definition of timeless style. Two 9mm sterling silver roundels border a beautiful 13mm hand carved jade bead, and two more roundels line the sterling silver clasp at the back.
$420.00 $210.00
Python & Sterling Silver Skull Cuff
Featuring stunning attention to detail, this python leather and sterling silver skull cuff is classic Lazaro. The sterling silver skull end caps are carefully hand-carved with flowers, vines, and other designs hand chosen by Lazaro Diaz himself.
$600.00 $300.00
Woven Leather with Jet Skull Bracelet
This darkly beautiful woven leather necklace features a 22mm x 18mm jet skull closure. This bracelet is perfect for anyone who enjoys macabre or skull inspired jewelry.
$450.00 $225.00
Neon Leather & Sterling Silver Bracelet
This 10mm vibrant green and blue leather bracelet is affixed with a sliding bead closure. The bead is hand-carved sterling silver.
$180.00 $90.00
Leather & Sterling Silver Buddha Bracelet
This 9mm teal and lime green leather bracelet was carefully woven by hand and features an adjustable closure for comfortability. The end beads are hand carved sterling silver Buddha heads. This charming bracelet is the perfect reminder to realign your chakra when needed.
$180.00 $90.00
Ceramic, Leather, & Bronze Bracelet
This boho style necklace is comprised of 14mm x 12mm hand-carved ceramic beads and brass spacer beads on a black leather cord. This bracelet is perfect for everyday wear, or for special events.
$80.00 $40.00
Bronze & Leather Multicolor Adjustable Bracelet
This 9mm wide leather bracelet features pressed brass accents and hand-dyed leather. The adjustable closure allows for wearers choice of fit.
$80.00 $40.00
Red & Green Woven Leather Bracelet
This woven green & red leather bracelet measures 9mm wide and features an adjustable clasp for comfortability. This bracelet has bold colors and a sleek look, perfect for everyday wear.
$140.00 $70.00
Turquoise, Sterling Silver, Garnet, & Leather Bracelet
Lovely turquoise, sterling silver, and rhodolite garnet beads come together to form this vibrantly colorful bracelet. Strung on a leather cord and featuring fine leather detail, this bracelet is one of a kind.
Deep Purple Deerskin Leather & Red Accent Bracelet
This vibrant bracelet features hand-dyed purple deerskin leather, a red accent cord, and Lazaro's signature sterling silver roundels. The adjustable, clasp-less closure is comfortable and hassle free. Simply slide the bracelet over your hand and pull the strings to tighten.
Deep Purple Woven Leather Cuff
Look no further if you want an amazingly unique and colorful piece of jewelry. This wrist cuff features vibrant purple deerskin leather carefully woven around a cuff bracelet. The open cuff allows for a comfortable and easy wear. No more messing around with frustrating clasps or closures.
Deep Purple Deerskin Braided Bracelet
This hand-dyed purple deerskin leather is the perfect gift for that vibrant person in your life. The beautiful braided pattern and deep purple of this bracelet was created for those who stand out. Also featuring a comfortable adjustable closure for comfortability.
Turquoise, Bone, Ceramic & Silver Beaded Bracelet
Colorful and bold. This bracelet features a polished round turquoise bead flanked by silver, bone and ceramic beads. leather detail rounds out this great summer bracelet.
$210.00 $105.00
Turquoise, Ceramic & Silver Beaded Bracelet
This mixed media bracelet of turquoise, ceramic and wood beads feels great on the wrist. unconventional and refined this bracelet would pair well in a stack of bracelets.
Silver Feather & Crocheted Leather Cuff Bracelet
The feather has been thought to be a message from the gods. This bracelet features our signature hand-carved feather wrapped around our famous crocheted leather cuff bracelet. The cuff-ends are sterling silver in a turned pattern.
Turquoise, Silver & Wooden Bead Bracelet
You'll love this the way this bracelet looks and feels on your wrist. Turquoise is long believed to be a stone of protection. This bracelet features centerpiece turquoise bead flanked on both sides by our signature silver roundells. Polished dark wood beads finish out this comfortable to wear bracelet.
Turquoise, Leather & Silver Beaded Bracelet
Native americans, Egyptians and tibetans have held the turquoise stone to be the metaphysical and healing stone. Theis bracelet features an inlaid mosaic chip turquoise bead flanked by solid tibetan turquoise beads.
Reproduction Alexander The Great Silver Drachm and Leather Bracelet
Going back the days when Alexander The Great's coins were minted outside of the Macedonian silver mines, the silver drachm coin has been considered a symbol of greatness. This reproduction featuring the portrait of the god Zeus, is cast in solid sterling silver and affixed to our signature crocheted leather wrap bracelet with sterling silver details.
Moonstone & Sapphire Bead Bracelet
Men's mixed bead bracelet with beads in sapphire and moonstone, set with sterling silver, spinel and leather. Leather tie fastening with sleek silver detailing. The unique moonstones in this 8mm bracelet are a striking grey/green opaque color which makes this bracelet a rare find.
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