Men's Kyanite Bracelets

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African Trade Bead & Gemstone Bead Bracelet
3mm Kyanite & Silver Bracelet
6mm Kyanite Bead Bracelet
This handstrung men's bracelet features dazzling 6mm kyanite beads with a high polish.
Leather & Kyanite Bracelet
6mm Beads of kyanite handstrung on a men's bracelet with high quality black leather.
Small Beaded Kyanite Bracelet
Kyanite & Conch Bracelet
$285.00 $228.00
Kyanite & Carved Pearl Bracelet
$350.00 $280.00
14mm Kyanite & Tibetan Prayer Bead Bracelet
Silver & Kynite Men's Bracelet
This limited edition kynite bracelet for men is a handstrung men's bracelet alternating between bands of sterling silver and 8mm kynite beads.
Gold, Sapphire & Kyanite Bracelet
11mm Beaded Kyanite Bracelet
Kyanite, Sapphire & Pearl Bracelet