Men's Jewelry for Women in Untitled Magazine
For over 35 years Lazaro Soho been known as a creator and curator of fine men’s fashion. From jewelry to jackets for men, Lazaro’s commitment to contemporary men's style has been unwavering. We are overjoyed that month's edition of Untitled Magazine features the gorgeouCarolina Mejia wearing several pieces of jewelry by Lazaro Soho. This recent editorial, shot by renowned Australian photographer Gerhard Merzede, titled "City Chic" begs the question: is Lazaro's jewelry for men only?

Mens Vs. Womens Jewelry

 While Lazaro’s jewelry is crafted with men in mind, it is obvious that these items look great on everyone. Lazaro’s jewelry is comprised of more “masculine” styles such as large rings and bold necklaces, but these pieces were created to be worn by anyone and everyone who appreciates jewelry with large hand-picked gemstones, thoughtful earthly materials and copious amounts of precious metals. In this shoot, it is easy to see that Caroline gives this jewelry a feminine spin. While Lazaro’s jewelry is crafted with men in mind, it is obvious that these items look great on everyone. Recently, chunky/thick men’s jewelry has made a comeback not only for men, but women are joining the trend as well. Many women incorporating bigger statement accessories daring and stylish, getting away from delicate styles which have been typically seen as more feminine. 

Model Caroline Wears Lazaro Mens Rings

Here in the 21st century, countless women are looking to drop the ideals of delicate femininity in lieu of a more assertive style. With more women holding positions of power than ever before, it is clear that times are changing both in the fashion world and out. Lazaro embraces this shift and encourages everyone to find the style that suits them the best. Our collection of fine necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and much more were meant to worn by you, no matter your gender. Caroline's large rings compliment her outfit without overpowering it, and the signature beaded necklaces give her outfit the classic bohemian vibe. 

Model Caroline Wears Lazaro Necklaces

Actresses in Men's Jewelry

Lazaro’s Jewelry has been worn by women all around the world. Some of the most notable women who wear Lazaro are Raven Symoné, Whoopi Goldberg, and Gwyneth Paltrow. All of these women are known for being bold in both their fashion choices and their daily lives. These women radiate confidence, and their choice of clothing and jewelry reflect that. They do not question whether they are wearing “men’s jewelry" because they are wearing the style that reflects their unique personalities regardless of gender. Our south sea pearl earrings are another piece that looks stunning on both males and females, and as you can see they look fantastic on Caroline. 

Model Caroline Wears Lazaro Necklace

From all of us here at Lazaro Soho, we hope that you feel compelled to try our jewelry for yourself. Hand crafted designs can be found store-wide, all from the workshop of Lazaro Diaz. We have tons of different styles and designs for you to find your perfect match. From simple and stylish to bold and beautiful, we know you will find something that fits your taste. For assistance finding the right jewelry to accent your individuality, contact us here, or give us a call at (212) 219-8494 

Editor: Roberto Morelli for The Untitled Magazine 
Photography: Gerhard Merzeder / @merzeder 
Model: Carolina Mejia @ MUSE / @carolinaits / @musemodelsnyc 
Hair & Makeup: Roberto Morelli / @robertomorelli1 
Styling: Alexander Garcia / @alexandergarciaofficial11 
Stylist Assistant: AleksanderSteinvoll / @asteinvoll 
Nails: Erika Lopez / @_erikanails_ 
Shot on location at Hotel Sixty LES

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