Men's Hemp Bracelets

Hemp: the sustainable, practical, and versatile plant that has been used for thousands upon thousands of years. From paper to fuel, hemp's uses are virtually limitless. Hemp fibers have been shown to be UV resistant, durable, anti-microbial, and bacteria resistant. If those benefits are not testament enough, hemp fiber cord and twine make for beautiful and earthy additions to any piece of jewelry.

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Hemp & Silver Skull Men's Bracelet
A earthy-chic black hemp bracelet compliments a handcrafted 11mm x 7mm sterling silver skull, detailed with realistic features. A simple piece for solo wear or to pair with other interestingly unique jewelry. This bracelet is made to fit an 8-8 .5" wrist.
14kt Gold Skull Hemp Men's Bracelet
This bracelet is made from black hemp fiber cord and features a solid 18kt gold skull charm. Fitted with an interlocking knot and loop, this bracelet is clasp-free yet adjustable for comfortability.