Men's Eye of Horus T-shirt
Men's Eye of Horus T-shirt

Men's Eye of Horus T-shirt


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The Eye of Horus is a very old Egyptian image that symbolized good health, royal dominance, and personal protection. Amulets with the symbol were often worn by pharaohs to protect them on earth and in the afterlife. It also served as a popular symbol of protection from evil for all ancient Egyptians as well. Old Egyptian and Middle-Eastern mariners would oftentimes paint the image on the bows of their vessels to guarantee safe journeys.

You will want to take this shirt everywhere too. Our classic Eye of Horus design is featured here on our signature super soft feathered navy men's t- shirt. The 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester blended fabric is 100% combed and spun, making it feel extra luxurious without feeling too thin. The shirt features a modern cut and fits true to common American men's sizing. The Eye of Horus design is hand-dyed using direct transfer printing which embeds the ink into the shirt's fabric making it one of the softest and nicest looking t-shirts you'll find.
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