Men's Coral Necklaces

Wearing Red Coral has been said to encourage creativity, aid meditation, and support emotional balance. Red coral boasts the ability to stimulate the base chakra, increasing your feelings of zen. Aside from the metaphysical properties, whether polished or rough, red coral is truly beautiful.

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Coral, Silver, & Sunstone Necklace
Refresh and revitilize your mind with this dazzling red necklace. Features include 3mm beads strung on a 24" hand-knotted cord. The beads are crafted from reconstructed coral, sterling silver, and sunstone.
$180.00 $90.00
Native American Peacepipe Necklace
This stunning Native American style necklace is crafted with flat, circular beads of varying sizes to create a tapered size effect. The colorful beads range in size from 6mm-16mm and are made from turquoise, coral, shell, and ceramic. Necklace is 19" in length.
Influenced by Native American Heishi necklaces, this naturistic necklace has flat circular beads crafted from turquoise, shell, coral, and ceramic necklace. The beads range in size from 6mm-15mm to give a tapered size effect. This necklace is 18.5" in length.
Small Heishi Bead Necklace
This simple yet stylish necklace features 4mm rounded beads crafted from turquoise, shell, coral, and ceramic. The natural color scheme of the beads makes this necklace perfect for pairing with almost any outfit.
Turquoise, Italian Coral, & Sterling Silver Necklace
Hand knotted 3mm turquoise, 3mm x 6mm Italian coral, and sterling silver come together in this charming necklace. Necklace measures 22" in length.
$410.00 $205.00
Bone, Silver, & Coral Pendant on Sponge Coral Necklace
This 22 inch necklace features 4mm sponge coral beads on a hand knotted cord with a 35mm x 11mm bone, silver, and coral pendant.
$440.00 $220.00
Coral & Sapphire Men's Beaded Necklace
This brightly colored necklace features 6mm coral beads accented by 5mm sapphires and capped sterling silver spacers.
Silver & Coral Pendant on Sponge Coral Necklace
This 20 inch necklace is made from 4mm sponge coral beads and features a 30mm x 17mm silver and coral pendant.
$600.00 $300.00
Coral, Turquoise & Conch Beaded Thread Necklace
Unleash the celebration within, a celebration of color on full display. Red and black thread provide the base for this necklace featuring coral, turquoise and conch beads, the addition of sterling silver roundels and onyx beads provides subtle pops to this vibrant necklace.
Turquoise, Coral & Onyx Beaded Necklace
Lazaro SoHo will have you seeing red with this necklace for men. This necklace features bursts of Tibetan coral and onyx beads, as well as, sterling silver details highlighting a unique turquoise stone.