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Brass & Hemp Bracelet & Necklace
This brass and hemp necklace also doubles as a wrap bracelet. Featuring hand-dyed green hemp fiber and brass beads, this necklace has a truly unique design.
Onyx & Brass Wrap Bracelet Necklace
This hand-knotted onyx and brass beaded wrap bracelet can be un-wound and worn as a necklace. Its 33 inch length makes it the perfect versatile accessory. Add one to your collection today!
$110.00 $55.00
Brass Skull Necklace Pendant
Looking for the stylish gold jewelry look without the expensive gold price tag? This handmade brass skull pendant can be purchased on its own or with the brass ball chain necklace pictured for an additional price.
Brass Skeleton Key Necklace Pendant
This handsome pendant is made to look like a vintage skeleton key. The key pendant can be purchased on its own or with the brass ball chain necklace pictured for an additional price.
Mini Brass Key Pendant
This vintage 30x13mm key pendant is made from beautiful yellow brass. This product is available with the mini brass key pendant only or with a brass Italian twist chain necklace option for an additional charge.
Mini Brass King Skull Pendant
This mini king skull pendant measures 16x10mm and is made from brass. This product is available with the mini brass king skull pendant only or with a brass Italian twist chain necklace option for an additional charge.
Brass Coin, & Resin Jaw Necklace
This unique necklace features three pendants made from a 19mm Brass Coin, a 42mm x 20mm resin jaw, and a 13mm piece of pyrite.
Decayed Brass Nail Men's Necklace
The sleek brass nail pendant is handcrafted and hand strung on a black deerskin leather necklace an edgy wardrobe staple for men.
Brass Coin & Bear Claw Necklace
This unique necklace features a 22mm brass coin and two bear claw pendants measuring 39mm x 10mm and 22mm x 9mm.
Polished Brass Raven Skull Pendant
This handsome all-brass edition of our classic raven's skull pendant is absolutely to die for. This product is available with the 48x15mm brass raven pendant only or with a brass necklace option for an additional charge.
Brass Maltese Cross Pendant
This handsome maltese cross pendant is made from brass and measures 30x16mm. This pendant can be bought on its own, or paired with our brass ball chain necklace for an additional charge.
Jade & Brass Crown Pendant
This charming bracelet features a 14mm jade bead topped with a gleaming 15x25mm polished brass crown.
Ceramic and Brass Wrap Bracelet/Necklace
The apex of versatility, this piece can be worn as both a necklace and a bracelet. This multipurpose jewelry is comprised of ceramic and brass beads on leather cord.
Rhodium Plated Brass Chain Necklace
This charmingly simple bracelet is made from brass chain links plated with a lustrous coating of rhodium. Chain links are 5mm thick and the necklace measures 22 in length.
$240.00 $120.00
Brass Eagle Claw
Signature brass eagle talon. Ask us about mixing and matching components to fit your personal style.
Brass Mano Cornuto & Mano Fico Pendants on Leather Strap
The Mano Cornuto (Horn Hand) and Mano Fico (Fig Hand) are ancient Italian symbols of good luck. Meant to ward off the evil eye and protect the wearer from harm, these pendants paired together are the ultimate protection. Both pendants are made of brass and are strung on a 30" leather strap. Mano Cornuto pendant measures 23mm x 9mm and the Mano Fico pendant measures 30mm x 11mm.
$290.00 $145.00
Brass & Leather Nail Pendant on Leather Necklace
This necklace features a 4 inch brass nail pendant wrapped in leather strung on a 30" leather cord.
$300.00 $150.00
Brass & African Trade Bead Necklace
Wild ferocity sings from this African trade bead necklace full of rich red color and accented by polished brass hand-strung on deerskin leather.
Agate & Ruby Beaded Men's Necklace
Rubies shine alongside white agate beads on this regal men's necklace. Wear alone or pair with a Lazaro Soho pendent for added style.
Brass Feather Pendant on Matte Lapis Beaded Necklace
A majestic brass feather pendant playfully hangs on a beaded matte lapis necklace. The detail feather pendant is the perfect pair for the regal coloring of the cobalt blue lapis.
Leather Wrapped Brass Nail Necklace
Our signature yellow brass nail pendant hand-wrapped in natural black leather. This pendant makes a great highlight to any wardrobe.
Brass Feather Pendant on Onyx Beaded Necklace
A whimsical reminder of the a feather lighted by the moon, the brass and sterling silver feather pendant glows against an onyx beaded necklace. The pair is reminiscent of a midnight moon and sky.
Brass & Leather Feather Necklace
This charming 34 inch knotted leather necklace features a 56mm x 14mm brass feather pendant with sterling silver detailing and an adjustable closure.
$390.00 $195.00
Brass & Black Rhodium Raven Necklace
This necklace is made with a 60mm x 15mm brass and black rhodium raven pendant strung on a 22 inch anchor chain.
$400.00 $200.00
Onyx & Ancient Brass Coin Necklace
This stunning necklace features an 18mm ancient brass coin pendant on a hand knotted onyx chain.
$410.00 $205.00
Brass, Wood & Leather Lariat Necklace
Stunning brass beads create majestic scenery for this for lariat necklace, gentlemen can add this dapper look for a wardrobe boost. Lariat necklace features brass beads surrounding wood beads and sterling silver roundels, all placed on deerkskin leather.
Skull & Feather Leather Necklace
This skull necklace features a brass skull with red garnet eyes and a brass eagle feather hand strung on leather. Ask us about mixing and matching components to fit your personal style.
Silver & Brass Lion Head Necklace
Bone & African Beaded Feather Necklace
Wear the adventures of near and far with this vibrant necklace around your neck, featuring a brass and sterling silver feather surrounded by red African beads, sterling silver spacers, and brass and bone beads all hand strung on black deerskin leather.
Jade & Brass Pendant on Malachite Necklace
This hand-knotted cord is adorned with small malachite beads to give the necklace a chain-like effect. The 85mm x10mm jade pendant is affixed to the necklace with a brass cap bead.
$650.00 $325.00
Raven Pendant & Pave Black Onyx Raven Claw on Ruby Hematite Necklace
Part of the popular Lazaro SoHo raven series, this necklace features a handcrated raven skull pendant with oxidized brassd beak and a pave, black onyx raven claw handstrung on a hematite, silver and ruby beaded necklace.