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Vinyl, Silver, & Turquoise Bracelet
This unique bracelet is made from flat 6mm vinyl and 11mm turquoise beads with sterling silver spacers on a leather cord.
$180.00 $90.00
Carnelian & Sterling Silver Buddha Bracelet
This zen bracelet is made with 8mm faceted carnelian beads and a 10mm x 12mm hand-carved sterling silver buddha bead.
$300.00 $150.00
Sterling Silver & Freshwater Pearl on Leather Bracelet
This handsome woven leather bracelet is fitted with sterling silver end cap beads and 15mm x 11mm freshwater pearl. Chain length measures 21 inch.
$450.00 $250.00
Paura Navy Blue & Orange Oversized Scarf
This Raff oversized scarf by Paura features rib knit navy blue arm sleeves with double orange stripes and one fringed end. Pair this handsome scarf with a pea coat or jacket to pull your outfit together. Scarf is made from 80% wool 20% polyamide in Italy. If you like the oversized scarf look, please check out our Paura Blue, Red, & Ivory Oversized Scarf.
Paura Blue, Red, & Ivory Oversized Scarf
This Raff oversized scarf by Paura features rib knit light blue and red arm sleeves with ivory stripes and a fringed end. Scarf is made from 80% wool 20% polyamide in Italy. Pair this contrast knit scarf with a black jacket or shirt for a sleek fall or winter look. If you like oversized scarves, please check out our Paura Navy Blue & Orange Oversized Scarf.
Sapphire, Bronze, & Silver Feather Necklace
This 34 inch necklace is made from 5mm sapphire beads on a bronze and silver chain necklace and also features a 55mm x 11mm bronze feather pendant.
Tzavorite, Diamond, & Silver Bracelet
This bracelet is made with dazzling 4mm tzavorite beads surrounding a 9mm x 7mm sterling silver and diamond roundel. Bracelet measures 7 inches from end to end.
Sterling Silver Ganesh Pendant on Deer Skin Leather Necklace
This high quality deer skin leather necklace features a hand carved sterling silver Ganesh pendant. Ganesh pendant measures 19mm x 17mm, necklace length is 32".
$210.00 $105.00
Feathers, Jet skull, & Leather Necklace
This 22 inch necklace is made with 7 inch feathers, high quality leather, and a 17mm x 16mm jet sterling silver backed skull pendant.
$450.00 $225.00
Sterling Silver Bear Claw Pendant on Leather Necklace
This necklace features a 27mm x 23mm solid sterling silver bear claw pendant strung on a 32" high quality leather strap.
$410.00 $205.00
Sterling Silver Crown & Cross on Onyx Lariat Necklace
This necklace features sterling silver 10mm x 8mm crown and sterling silver 27mm x 21mm cross pendants strung on a 3mm onyx beaded lariat style necklace. This necklace measures 25 inches around neck with a 3.5 inch tassle.
$600.00 $300.00
Garnet, Hematite, Ruby, Onyx, Bronze, Leather & Silver Bracelet
This adjustable bracelet is strung with 6mm garnet beads, 4mm hematite beads, 5mm ruby beads, 6mm onyx beads, bronze accent beads, and a 7mm silver anchor chain accent. Made from high quality leather, this bracelet is fully adjustable, simply tug on the strings to achieve your desired fit.
Silver & Turquoise Horn Pendant on Silver Bead Necklace
This 29 inch chain is made with 3mm silver beads and features a 30mm x 15mm silver and turquoise horn pendant.
$395.00 $197.50
Silver & Onyx Cross Pendant on Agate, Onyx, & Silver Necklace
This sterling silver and onyx cross pendant is strung on a 22 inch knotted chain necklace with 4mm agate, onyx, and sterling silver beads. Pendant measures 79mm x 50mm with a 29mm x 10mm marquise shaped onyx, 16mm x 12mm teardrop shaped onyx, and 14mm round shaped onyx.
Ceramic, Onyx, & Sterling Silver Necklace
This necklace is made with 4mm ceramic and 6mm onyx beads on a 23 inch sterling silver necklace.
Rhodolite Garnet, Sterling Silver, & Lava Bead Bracelet
This bracelet features 6mm rhodolite garnet, 5mm lava beads, and two sterling silver roundel caps strung on an elastic cord.
Bronze Bead & Skull Leather Bracelet
This leather strap bracelet is fitted with 5-6mm bronze beads and a 11mm x 7mm hand carved bronze skull bead.
Fleur De Lis Woven Leather Bracelet
This woven leather bracelet is made of hand-dyed red, green, and black leather fitted with a 25mm x 8mm sterling silver fleur de lis bead, sterling silver end caps, and 6mm onyx beads. Bracelet is fully adjustable, simply tug on the cord to make the bracelet tighter.
Silver Dagger Men's Bracelet
This bracelet features a 70mm x 13mm sterling silver sword pendant and onyx bead set in silver on an 8mm thick woven leather adjustable bracelet.
$450.00 $225.00
Black Spinel & Silver Bracelet
This bracelet is handmade with sterling silver and 11mm x 7mm drop-shaped black spinel beads.
Red & Blue Ceramic Bead Bracelet
This blue and red ceramic bead bracelet is handmade with an adjustable high quality leather pull closure.
Onyx & Black Rhodium Bronze Skull Bracelet
This bracelet is made with 8mm onyx beads and a black rhodium finished bronze skull.
Peruvian Opal & Sterling Silver Bracelet
This bracelet features 8mm beads made from Peruvian opal and fitted with sterling silver caps strung on an elastic cord.
$350.00 $175.00
Turquoise & Bronze on Hemp Necklace & Wrap Bracelet
This versatile piece can be worn as a necklace or wrap bracelet, and features turquoise and bronze beads strung on a hemp cord. Length of this necklace/wrap bracelet is 21.5 inches.
Sterling Silver Skull Pendant on Leather Necklace
This necklace features a hand-carved sterling silver skull pendant on a leather strap. Skull pendant measures 23mm x 13mm.
5-6mm Ceramic Bead & Leather Detail Bracelet
This bracelet is made with red, green, blue, and yellow 5-6mm ceramic beads strung on a knotted leather cord.
Vinyl, Sterling Silver, Turquoise Bracelet
This bracelet features 5mm vinyl beads, 12mm turquoise beads, and sterling silver spacers strung on a leather cord.
Lapis, Sterling Silver, Ceramic, & Conch Shell Bracelet
This 8.5 inch bracelet is made with 10mm lapis, sterling silver, 6mm ceramic, and 11mm conch shell on an adjustable braided cord bracelet. Simply tug the strings to fit this bracelet to your wrist.
$300.00 $150.00
Onyx, Ruby, & Sterling Silver Necklace
This 23 inch hand-knotted necklace is made with 4mm onyx, 5mm ruby, sterling silver beads.
Turquoise & Sterling Silver Bracelet
This bracelet features 4mm and 10mm turquoise beads and sterling silver spacer beads strung on a knotted leather cord.
$210.00 $105.00
8mm Bone Bead Bracelet
This bracelet is made from 8mm bone beads strung on an elastic cord.
Silver & Onyx Horn Skull Pendant on Leather Strap
This leather strap necklace is fitted with a 39mm x 14mm carved skulls on sterling silver and onyx horn skull pendant.
$350.00 $175.00
Turquoise, Shell, & Agate Peacepipe Necklace
This 25" Native American inspired necklace is crafted from hand shaped hei-shi style beads. Beads are 4mm, made from turquoise, shell, and agate.
Hand Knotted Lava Bead, 14kt Gold, & Conch Shell Necklace
This necklace features hand knotted 8mm lava bead, 7mm gold, and 10mm conch shell beads. Necklace measures 19" in length.
Red Ceramic & Bronze Bracelet
This bracelet is consists of hand-shaped 6mm red ceramic beads surrounding a 5mm bronze accent bead on a elastic cord. This claspless bracelet is perfect for every day or special event wear.
Sterling Silver & Diamond Fleur De Lis Bracelet
Made from sterling silver and accented with diamonds, this fleur de lis bracelet is truly magnificent. Fleur de lis measures 13mm x 7mm, length of bracelet is 8.5".
$2,800.00 $1,400.00
Malachite, Sapphire, Coral, Turquoise, & Silver Necklace
This colorful necklace features 5mm malachite, 3mm reconstructed coral, 3mm reconstructed turquoise, and 5mm sapphire beads as well as Lazaro's signature silver spacers.
$180.00 $90.00
Turquoise & Black Braided Leather Lariat
This western lariat features high quality turquoise and black braided leather.
Kmrii Braided Leather & Bronze Keychain
The Braided Leather and Bronze Keychain by Kmrii is made in and imported from Japan. This keychain features leather fringe and a bronze clip. Clip this accessory to your keys,or even to your belt loop as an accent on your favorite outfits.
Black Jet Skull on Leather Strap Necklace
For a unique piece of jewelry with rock and roll vibes, look no further. This hand-carved black jet skull pendant on a leather strap is sure to impress. Skull Pendant measures 22m x 15mm, Necklace is 28" in length.
Light & Dark Leather Bracelet
This unique leather bracelet features a light and dark leather combination as well as a loop clasp closure for comfortability.
Leather & Silver Wire Necklace
This subtle leather necklace features silver wire detailing at the front and back. Necklace measures 19.5 inches in length.
$190.00 $95.00
Lizard Skin & Silver Cuff
This red-patterned cuff bracelet measures 11mm width and is made from lizard-skin. The ends of this cuff are fitted with sterling silver end caps for added style.
Agate & Sterling Silver Beaded Bracelet
Strung with agate and hand-carved sterling silver beads, this pairing makes for a beautifully unique bracelet. Features a clasp-less design for comfortability.
Bronze, Coral, Turquoise, & Conch Pendant on Turquoise Necklace
This Native American Heishi-inspired necklace features a 74mm x 25mm reconstructed coral, reconstructed turquoise, and bronze pendant. The 24" necklace is adorned with turquoise and Native American Shell beads.
Bronze & Jade Pendant on Tourmaline Necklace
This necklace showcases a 88mm x 15mm Jade pendant with brass detail on a 24" hand-knotted cord strung with 4.5 mm Tourmaline beads. Jade is known for its aura of purity, gentleness, and protection.
Mother of Pearl Feather Necklace
This whimsical necklace features a 67mm x 20mm angel wing pendant on a 30" sterling silver chain. Crafted from mother of pearl, this necklace shimmers and shines magnificently and would make the perfect addition to your jewelry collection, or as a gift to someone you love.
$390.00 $195.00
Undercoat Grey Silk Pocket Short Sleeve T-shirt
This stylish Undercoat t-shirt is crafted from cotton and viscose blend fabric. Featuring a silk detailed pocket on the chest, and Undercoat's trademark elastic strap on the back neck. Founded in 2017, Undercoat strives to provide unisex fashion with its wide array of lux jersey shirts, dresses, hoodies, pants, and much more.
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