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Animal Bottle Opener - Silver
Silver bull bottle opener made from high quality and sturdy materials can rest on either end and features an animal that is rendered in a geometric style.
Animal Bottle Opener - Gold
Gold animal bottle opener shaped like a geometrically stylized bull that can be sat on either end and is made with sturdy high quality materials.
Animal Shot Glass - White Rhino
2" diameter x 3.25" height white ceramic shot glass with rhino depicted in pewter and rendered with polygons can be set on both ends.
Animal Shot Glass - White Bull
White ceramic and pewter shot glass capable of resting on either end that is 2" in diameter x 3.25" in height looks like a bull constructed in a polygonal geometry.
Animal Shot Glass - Black Rhino
Black ceramic shot glass with that is 2" in diameter and is 3.25" tall rests on the cup or the geometric rhino rendered in pewter.
Animal Shot Glass - Black Bull
Black ceramic shot glass 2" in diameter x 3.25" in height is shaped like a bull rendered in a geometric style and is weighted to rest on either end.
Owl King Coffee Mug
Ceramic black coffee mug that displays an owl king rendered with a heraldic style in white.
Eye of Horus Coffee Mug
This ceramic white coffee mug features the Egyptian Eye of Horus in black.
Diamond Skull Coffee Mug
High quality black ceramic coffee mug displays striking diamond encrusted skull from Lazaro Jewelry.
Eye of Horus Coffee Tumbler
This well insulated double wall white coffee cup is a travel mug, bearing the iconic Eye of Horus in black, and comes with a black snap on silicone lid.
Raven Coffee Tumbler
Durable double wall white ceramic travel mug with a black lid made of silicone is well insulated, reusable, and depicts a raven in black silhouette.
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