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Sterling Silver 14kt Intaglio Ring
Sterling Silver 18kt Roman Coin Ring
Sterling Silver 18kt Diamond Ram Ring
Sterling Silver 22kt Gold Emerald Ring
Woven Leather,  and 18kt Skull Cuff Bracelet
Diamond, Garnet, and Moonstone Necklace
Garnet, Onyx,  Pearl and 14kt Bracelet
Mixed Sterling Silver Chain
Black Sapphire Crevice Silver Ring
This unique handmade sterling silver ring features a crevice of deep-black sapphires
Sterling Silver Engraved Carpe Diem Ring
This sterling silver ring is engraved with the words "Carpe Diem".
Silver Pyramid & Lion Men's Ring
This lion ring for men is also a pyramid ring for men made from sterling silver. This handmade men's ring is a cool ring that can give an edge to a variety of men's styles.
Python & Silver Signet Ring
Lusterous sterling silver shines at the incorporation of a python skin body for this fascinating men's signet ring. Add a little gusto to your accessories with this chic ring.
Sterling Silver Tapered Lion Ring
Harness the strength and agility of the king of the jungle with this 31mm x 3mm sterling silver ring that features two hand-carved roaring lions heads.
Carved Silver 3-Finger Ring
Lion Sterling Silver Ring
Sterling Silver Cuban Link Ring
Diamond Crevice Ring
Spinel Snake Scale Eternity Band
Silver Lion Head & Claw Pendant
Silver Crowned Eagle Pendant
Silver Feather & Eagle Claw Pendant Necklace
Red Tiger's Eye Bracelet
This charming red tiger's eye bracelet features 10mm beads made from red tiger's eye on a elastic cord. Red Tiger Eye has been said to enhance confidence and self-esteem while also providing motivation and a boost of energy to those who are feel lethargic or sluggish.
50/50 Black Agate & Tiger's Eye Men's Bracelet
50/50 Hematite & Blue Tiger's Eye Men's Bracelet
6mm Tiger's Eye & Carved Jet Skull Bracelet
This limited edition men's bracelet with natural hand carved jet skull features 6mm tiger's eye beads.
Hematite & Sapphire Men's Beaded Bracelet
This beautiful and straightforward bracelet is an example of thousand-year-old traditions refined to perfection. Hematite beads and charms date back to the time when Germanic warriors would seek magical protection in battle- while the Ruby and sterling silver highlights have been commonplace in such jewelry since time immemorial. Lazaro has spent considerable time sourcing the finest craftsmen still producing these sorts of pieces today, in order to bring our clientele something unique to add to their wardrobe or bracelet stack. Major Features: 4mm bead sandblasted hematite beads surround a 4mm ruby bead with sterling silver accents. This bracelet is made to fit an 8-8 .5" wrist and is strung on high quality parachute elastic.
$159.50 $127.50
Bone Bead & Silver Rondelle Bracelet
Silver Bezel Set Turquoise Vintage Bracelet
Silver Feather & Crocheted Leather Cuff Bracelet
The feather has been thought to be a message from the gods. This bracelet features our signature hand-carved feather wrapped around our famous crocheted leather cuff bracelet. The cuff-ends are sterling silver in a turned pattern.
Black Braided Leather & Silver Men's Wrap Bracelet
Limited Edition Coral Trading Beads & Evil Eye Bracelet
African Trade Beads & Silver Necklace
Silver Accent & Apatite Men's Bracelet
Fleur De Lis & Toumaline Bracelet
Sterling Silver Mixed Box Chain
Signature Link Chain Necklace
Silver, Diamond & 18KT Gold Eagle Feather Pendant
Rock the wings of an eagle, a gloriously detailed, sterling silver feather pendant designed to resemble that of a real feather. pendant is exquisitely dressed with a diamond feather vein and topped with an 18KT gold eagle claw.
Raven Skull Pendant Necklace
The raven is a sign of both wisdom and intelligence in cultures ranging from the Norse to the Greeks. A sharp eye and sharper wit have been the hallmarks of these dark creatures of the heavens. The raven became a key aspect and symbol of hunting ventures, scouting parties, and sailing adventures for thousands of years. Artists and musicians have long sought to harness these images and themes in their work. This hand-cast raven skull replica features a painted sterling silver skull fused with a hand polished brass beak. These materials were expertly crafted and combined with the hallmark Lazaro Silver Mirror Chain - also available as a lone pendant. Major Features: A 38mm x 15mm Sterling SIlver hand-cast raven skull pendant. Polished Brass Beak. 24" Silver Mirror Chain.
Silver Sword Pendant with Silver Box Chain
Detailed handmade sterling silver sword with sterling silver box chain.
Classic Sterling Silver Box Chain
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, luckily this 24" box chain necklace is handmade from sterling silver to ensure each link is as beautiful -and resilient as possible. While outward appearances may not immediately discern this silver necklace from comparable items- we have taken the time to seek out a level of quality in both the silver and construction worthy of Lazaro and the master crafted pendants we offer. Major Features: Sturdy classic 24"" , 2mm box chain necklace forged by hand from sterling silver.
Sicilian Protection Symbol Hand Pendant on Box Chain
18kt Gold and sterling silver Sicilian protection symbol hand pendant on box chain
Sterling Silver Roman Soldier Cameo Pendant
Signature Silver Mini Link Chain
Freshwater Pearl, Ruby, and Gold Bracelet
This stunning bracelet features 9mm white AAA quality pearls, accented with rubies and 14kt yellow gold roundelle beads. It's strung on sturdy parachute elastic, making it comfortable to wear and perfect for everyday.
9mm White Pearl Strand Necklace
Looking for a unique and stylish pearl necklace? Check out our 6.5mm white pearl strand men's necklace! This beautiful necklace is made with AAA quality freshwater pearls and sparkles with a 14k roundelle bead with 3 rows of diamonds. The 14k lobster claw clasp ensures a secure and comfortable fit.
Blue Apatite, Pearl and Gold Bracelet
Looking for a luxurious and unique bracelet? This one is definitely for you! Made with stunning 8mm sliced apatite beads in rich navy, accented by beautiful 12mm white high-luster South Sea pearls and 1.5 cts of dazzling diamonds, it's sure to make a statement.
Pearl and Faceted Spinel Bracelet
Looking for something unique in men's bracelets? Check out this black faceted spinel bracelet with white baroque pearls. Crafted with quality in mind, this bracelet features 7 millimeter black spinel rounds and sterling silver roundelles. The white freshwater pearls are a stunning 14 millimeters in size.
South Sea Pearl and Ruby Bracelet
and a central white pearl from the stunning waters of the Southern Sea. Adorned with 18 karat gold roundelles and diamonds, this bracelet is hand-knotted for durability and finished with a beautiful gold clasp.
Two Tone Blue Tiger's Eye & White Pearl Bracelet
Looking for a unique and eye-catching bracelet? Check out our amazing selection of blue tiger's eye & white pearl bracelets! These bracelets feature 6mm blue tiger's eye beads and 7mm AAA white freshwater pearls, accented with sapphires in a 14kt gold roundelle in the center.
Kyanite & White Pearl Bracelet
Introducing the Kyanite & White Pearl Men's Bracelet! This bracelet features deep blue kyanite 6mm beads and stunning white AAA freshwater pearls, accented with a 14kt rondelle set with diamonds. It's the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your look.
Ruby Bead and 14K Gold Bracelet
Introducing the luxurious and unique 14K Gold Men's Bracelet with smooth rubies. This bracelet is one of a kind, with its 6.5 millimeter hand knotted high polis deep-red ruby beads and roundelles made of 14kt gold and diamonds.
Hand-knotted Spinel & Sterling Silver Bracelet
Sterling silver and spinel come together in this stylish bracelet for men. The beads are individually knotted, making it a durable and comfortable piece to wear.
Kyanite & 18kt Buddha bracelet
This beautiful bracelet features AAA quality kyanite beads and a stunning 18kt gold Buddha charm. It's the perfect piece for any person who loves unique jewelry with a spiritual meaning.
Baroque Center Pearl Necklace
Introducing the Baroque Center Pearl Men's Necklace. This luxurious white pearl necklace features a baroque center pearl, making it truly unique and special. The AAA quality white pearls are 6 millimeters in size, while the center freshwater pearl is 15 millimeters. The roundelles are made of white gold and adorned with diamonds.
Hand-Knotted South Sea Pearl and Kyanite Necklace
Introducing the newest addition to our luxury jewelry collection - the South Sea Pearl and Kyanite Men's Necklace. This exquisite piece is handmade with the AAA kyanite stones, each carefully chosen for its unique color and luster. The centerpiece of the necklace is a stunning 13mm South Sea pearl, accented with 14kt gold for a touch of elegance.
Hand-Knotted Emerald and Gold Bracelet
Emeralds and gold come together in this beautiful bracelet. Knotted by skilled artisans, the bracelet features 14kt gold roundelles and a lobster claw clasp set with diamonds.
Hand-Knotted Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet
14Kt Natural Sapphire Necklace
Sapphire and Gold Linked Necklace
14Kt Gold and Emerald Statement Necklace
Sapphire and Diamond Mens Wedding Ring
White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Ring
One Of A Kind South Sea Pearl Interchangeable Necklace
One Of A Kind Multi-Gemstone Adjustable Necklace
Braided South Sea Pearl Men's Necklace
Grey Patterned Avant Toi Wool/Cashmere Robe
Stylish and comfortable, this Avant Toi robe is perfect for lounging around the house. Made from a soft wool and cashmere blend, it features a shawl collar, lapel, and two front pockets. The adjustable fabric belt ensures a perfect fit, while the snap closures make it easy to take on and off.
$2,100.00 $1,470.00
Brown Patterned Avant Toi Wool/Cashmere Robe
Introducing the Avant Toi Wool/Cashmere Robe – a luxurious and stylish robe that is perfect for any occasion. Made from a wool and cashmere blend, this robe is soft to the touch and features a beautiful pattern in shades of brown. With two snap closures and an adjustable fabric belt, this robe is both comfortable and stylish.
$2,100.00 $1,470.00
Laneus Camel and Black Chevron Pattern Coat
Introducing the Laneus Camel and Black Chevron Pattern Coat! This stylish coat is made from a camel and black merino wool blend, and features a chevron pattern. Features two-button closure, shawl collar lapel and front double pockets. Merino wool blend.
$1,180.00 $826.00
Marc Point B&W Reversible Longcoat
Introducing the reversible longcoat by none other than high-end fashion designer, MARC POINT. This luxurious coat can be worn two ways-- black and white or bone and blue striped. It features chest and double front pockets for functionality and style. Made with a flax/wool blend, this coat is perfect for transitional weather.
$1,625.00 $1,137.50
Grey Oversized MarcandcraM Zip Up Hoodie
This MarcandcraM hoodie is the perfect thing to throw on when you want to relax in style. The oversized, zip-up design is comfortable and effortlessly cool. The double zipper and asymmetrical detailing add a touch of edge, while the double front pockets are functional and stylish. 100% Cotton.
$925.00 $648.00
Green Oversized MarcandcraM Zip Up Hoodie
Introducing the Oversized MarcandcraM Zip Up Hoodie! This unique hoodie features a double zipper that goes up the hood, making it perfect for those chilly days. The distressed and asymmetrical style gives this piece an edgy look, while the double front pockets with button closure add a touch of function. Wool and flax blend.
$925.00 $648.00
Marc Point Black Puffer Poncho
Introducing the Oversized Black Puffer Poncho by designer MARC POINT. This stylish poncho features a turtleneck with button closure adjustments, and is lined inside with bone and blue striped pattern. Double front pockets and side buttons with straps allow you to adjust the poncho "sleeves" for a snug or relaxed fit.
MarcandcraM Oversized Green and Orange Parka
Introducing the MarcandcraM Oversized Green and Orange Parka – the perfect outerwear choice for when you need something both stylish and functional. This parka features a contrast nylon design in green and orange, with a button closure that goes up to the neck of the hood and down to the coat's hem. It also has double front pockets and an oversized nylon hood, making it perfect for keeping you warm in colder weather.
$1,185.00 $829.50
MarcandcraM Oversized Maroon Hooded Coat
Introducing the MarcandcraM Oversized Maroon Hooded Coat! This double breasted, wide-fitting coat features a wide fitting hood and drawstrings, making it the perfect choice for chilly weather. 100% cotton.
$985.00 $689.50
MarcandcraM Oversized Black Hooded Coat
Introducing the MarcandcraM Oversized Black Hooded Coat! This stylish and practical coat is perfect for any occasion, whether you're dressing up or dressing down. Made from 100% cotton, it's soft and comfortable to wear, with a snug fit that will keep you warm all winter. The double breasted design and wide fitting hood make this coat both stylish and practical, while the drawstrings allow you to adjust the fit to your liking.
$985.00 $689.50
KmRii Black Silk Slash Overcoat
KmRii's Black Silk Slash Overcoat is the perfect piece to add a touch of edge to your look. The oversized longcoat is made from 100% silk with a raw sheen look, and features snap button closures. Double front pockets and contrast black asymmetrical stitching detail on back.
$1,100.00 $770.00
KmrRii Taupe/Grey Silk Slash Overcoat
KmrRii's Taupe/Grey Silk Slash Overcoat is an oversized longcoat made from 100% silk. It has a raw sheen look and snap button closures, as well as double front pockets and contrast black asymmetrical stitching on the back. It is available in sizes M, L, and XL.
$1,100.00 $770.00
KmRii Black Silk Blazer
This elegant blazer is perfect for any formal or professional occasion. The 100% silk fabric has a beautiful dark sheen that catches the light, and the single button closure creates a sleek silhouette. The double front pockets are functional and stylish, and the back vent ensures a comfortable fit.
$880.00 $616.00
KmRii Taupe/Grey Silk Blazer
KmRii's Taupe/Grey Silk Blazer is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Made from 100% silk, this blazer has a beautiful sheen that will make you stand out in a crowd. The single button closure and double front pockets are both stylish and functional, while the back vent and contrast black stitching detail add a touch of sophistication.
$880.00 $616.00
KmRii Black Silk Button Down
KmRii's black silk button-down shirt is the perfect choice for asophisticated and stylish look. The white contrast stitching on the backadds a touch of elegance, while the 100% silk fabric ensures aluxurious feel.
$760.00 $532.00
KmRii Grey Taupe Silk Button Down
KmRii's grey/taup silk shirt is a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Made from 100% silk, it features black contrast stitching on the back for a sophisticated touch.
$760.00 $532.00
Marcandcram Navy Blue Cotton Blazer
This navy blue blazer from MarcandcraM is perfect for an oversized,relaxed fit. Made from 100% cotton, it features white stitching down theback and is ideal for layering over your favourite looks.
$750.00 $525.00
Laneus Reversible Mickey Mouse Cashmere Sweater in Black and White
Introducing the Laneus Mickey Mouse cashmere sweater! This unique piece features a black body with white Mickey Mouse image, distressed cuffs and hem, and a comfortable fit. The best part? Mickey Mouse is fully reversible, giving you the option to wear him deconstructed or classic.
$1,040.00 $728.00
Laneus Reversible Mickey Mouse Cashmere Sweater in Black and Red
Introducing the Laneus Reversible Mickey Mouse Cashmere Sweater! This stylish sweater can be worn two ways, with the iconic Mickey Mouse image on the front or reversed for a more deconstructed look. Made from a luxurious cashmere silk blend, this sweater is sure to keep you cozy all season long.
$1,040.00 $728.00
KmRii Black Parachute Terry Vest
KmRii's black parachute vest is perfect for any adventure. It features woven nylon straps and hardware buckle closure/adjustments. There are four total frontal pockets and one internal pocket, so you can carry all your essentials. The vest zips up to close, and is made from 100% cotton for a comfortable fit.
$565.00 $395.50
KmRii Black Parachute Leather Vest
Introducing the KmRii Black Parachute Leather Vest! This stylish and functional vest is made from 100% goat skin leather and features woven nylon straps, hardware buckle closures/adjustments, and four frontal pockets (one internal). Perfect for any adventure, this vest zips up to close and will keep you comfortable and stylish no matter where you go!
$1,020.00 $714.00
Laneus Camel Wool Bomber Jacket
This Laneus camel wool bomber jacket is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. With distressed cuffs and hem, knit collar, and a warm and soft composition, this jacket will keep you cozy all season long. Additionally, it features a zipper closure and top and bottom buttons.
$885.00 $619.50
Laneus Black Wool Bomber Jacket
Introducing the Laneus Black Wool Bomber Jacket! Oversized and made from a wool cashmere blend, this jacket is perfect for those cold winter days.Features distressed cuffs and hem, knit collar with zipper.
$885.00 $619.50
Laneus Cashmere Black Pullover Hoodie
This Laneus pullover hoodie is the perfect thing to keep you warm on those cold days. Made with a black cashmere blend, this hoodie features a simple design with drawstrings and a frontal pocket.
$1,085.00 $759.50
Laneus Wool Black Zip Up Hoodie
Introducing the Laneus black merino wool zip up hoodie. This stylish and practical piece is perfect for those cold days. Made from a merino wool blend, it features a frontal zipper, drawstring adjustments and doublefront pockets. Loose and warm fit. Merino wool blend.
$1,225.00 $857.50
Avant Toi Alpaca/Wool Moss Green Sweater
Introducing the Avant Toi oversized sweater! This cozy piece is perfect for chilly days and nights. Made with a luxurious alpaca/merino wool blend, it's sure to keep you warm and comfortable all season long. Looseknit and hand-dyed look.
$795.00 $556.50
One of a Kind Vintage David Bowie T Shirt with Sequin Sleeves
Vintage David Bowie t shirt with reworked black sequin sleeves. Shirt is cotton and sleeves are lined with bamboo/cotton blend. One of a kind. OS
One of a Kind Vintage Def Leppard T Shirt with Sequin Sleeves
Vintage Def Leppard t shirt with reworked black sequin sleeves. Shirt is cotton and sleeves are lined with bamboo/cotton blend. One of a kind. OS
$625.00 $437.50
One of a Kind Vintage The Doors T Shirt with Sequin Sleeves
Vintage The Doors t shirt with reworked black sequin sleeves. Shirt is cotton and sleeves are lined with bamboo/cotton blend. One of a kind. OS
$625.00 $437.50
One of a Kind Vintage Guns N' Roses T Shirt with Sequin Sleeves
Vintage Guns N' Roses t shirt with reworked black sequin sleeves. Shirt is cotton and sleeves are lined with bamboo/cotton blend. One of a kind. OS
$625.00 $437.50
One of a Kind Vintage Pink Floyd T Shirt with Sequin Sleeves
Vintage Pink Floyd t shirt with reworked black sequin sleeves. Shirt is cotton and sleeves are lined with bamboo/cotton blend. One of a kind. OS
$625.00 $437.50
One Of A Kind Multi-Strand Sterling Silver Dove Head Bracelet
This captivating bracelet is made with multiple strands of shimmeringsilver, and adorned with elegant dove heads encrusted in pave diamonds.The eyes of the doves are set with dazzling green tourmalines in 18ktgold bezels, and the bracelet fastens securely with a matching goldcircle clasp.
One Of A Kind 14Kt White Gold Black Opal Ring
Solid 14kt white gold ring with rectangular black opal set in 18kt yellow gold. Satin finished look. 35 grams. One of a kind.
One Of A Kind 14kt White Gold Dragon's Eye Opal Ring
14kt white gold ring with dragon's eye opal set in 24kt yellow gold bezel. 37.6 grams. One of a kind/handmade.
Ornate Regal Style Silver Bracelet
Solid sterling silver tri-link bracelet with regal decoration and three garnet baquettes set in 18kt yellow gold.
Silver & Diamond Diamond Raven Heads Bracelet
Solid sterling silver link bracelet with opposing raven heads covered in b&w diamonds. Ruby eyes set in 18kt gold bezel.
Ornate Silver And Diamond Id Bracelet
Sterling silver ID bracelet with pave black diamond detailing surrounded by white diamond border. Clasp is also covered in white diamonds.
Silver & Diamond Panther Head Bracelet With Diamonds
Sterling silver cuban link bracelet with panther head design. Covered in black and white diamonds and features tourmaline eyes set in 18kt gold. Clasp features panther head design with garnet eye.
Gothic Star Of David/Cross Pendant
Sterling silver cross/star of david pendant with 24kt hammered detailing. Center black diamond stone surrounded by white diamonds.
Woven Sterling Silver & 18Kt Bracelet
Woven sterling silver link chain with detailed clasp closure. 18kt accent roundelles on each side of clasp.
Limited Edition Natural Sapphire Necklace
Featuring rough faceted natural sapphires, this necklace is brought together with oxidized sterling silver clasp and a chain extender. The size of sapphires gently graduates from 3 to 4 mm and feature beautiful color that is between cornflower to deap rich blue. Measuring 20 inches with chain this necklace is a great standalone piece, but can also be layered comfortably, or wrapped as a bracelet. You can also easily slide on your favorite pendant to change up the look.
Blue Tigers Eye & Ruby Beaded Necklace
This handstrung blue tigers and ruby beaded necklace is detailed with sterling silver spacers. Necklace offers a classic-chic look for the wearer.
$302.50 $242.00