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Carved Tibetan Horn Brown Meditation Bead Bracelet
Limited Edition Natural Sapphire Necklace
Featuring rough faceted natural sapphires, this necklace is brought together with oxidized sterling silver clasp and a chain extender. The size of sapphires gently graduates from 3 to 4 mm and feature beautiful color that is between cornflower to deap rich blue. Measuring 20 inches with chain this necklace is a great standalone piece, but can also be layered comfortably, or wrapped as a bracelet. You can also easily slide on your favorite pendant to change up the look.
Sapphire & Turquoise Men's Beaded Necklace
This necklace is crafted from turquoise beads, sapphires, and sterling silver accents on a hand-knotted cord. Perfect for every day or special event wear.
Men's Eye of Horus T-shirt
Men's Eye of Horus Long Sleeve Shirt
Bone Bead & Silver Rondelle Bracelet
African Trade Beads & Silver Necklace
African Trade Bead & Gemstone Bead Bracelet
Silver Winding Snake Ring
Silver Feather & Eagle Claw Pendant Necklace
Carved Silver 3-Finger Ring
$1,200.00 $960.00
Freshwater Pearl & Silver Necklace
Freshwater Pearl & Silver Bracelet
Blue Tiger's Eye, Ruby, & Silver Necklace
Blue Tiger's Eye, Ruby, & Silver Bracelet
Green Cashmere Avant Toi Scarf
Blue Silk & Fur Pierre-Louis Mascia Scarf
Studded Red Silk Avant Toi Scarf
Gray Equestrian Print Avant Toi Scarf
Hooded Wool Vulpinari Jacket
Belted Wool Vulpinari Jacket
Red Three-Button Vulpinari Blazer
Navy Three-Button Vulpinari Blazer
Gold Lion Head & Claw Pendant
Silver Lion Head & Claw Pendant
Sterling Silver Cuban Link Ring
Diamond Crevice Ring
8mm Natural Tiger's Eye Bead Bracelet
This prismatic bracelet features highly polished Tiger’s Eye beads hand strung and selected. TIger’s Eye stones are believed to bestow upon the wearer a number of benefits, including a positive attitude, wealth and protection. Regardless of its mystical qualities, Tiger’s eye makes for a beautiful piece of jewelry -and we have made sure to source the best examples of these accessories. The vibrant blues, greens, and browns can add a welcome splash of color to your wardrobe or wrist stack. Major Features: Hand strung Bracelets of 8mm Tiger’s Eye Beads. This bracelet is made to fit an 8-8 .5" wrist and is strung on high quality parachute elastic.
10mm Natural Tiger's Eye Beaded Bracelet
This natural tiger's eye bracelet for men is handstrung with high polish 10mm beads.
$155.00 $108.50
Carved Jet Skull & 8mm Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Limited edition natural carved black jet skull bracelet for men handstrung with 8mm tiger's eye beads.
$345.00 $241.50
6mm Tiger's Eye & Carved Jet Skull Bracelet
This limited edition men's bracelet with natural hand carved jet skull features 6mm tiger's eye beads.
Ancient Carnelian Stone & Bone Bead Bracelet
Golden Tiger's Eye & Sterling Silver Accent Bracelet
Carnelian Centerstone on Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Jade & Blue Tiger's Eye Beaded Bracelet
Blue Tiger's Eye & Sterling Silver Accent Bracelet
50/50 Black Agate & Tiger's Eye Men's Bracelet
Sapphire Rondelle & Tiger's Eye Beaded Bracelet
50/50 Hematite & Blue Tiger's Eye Men's Bracelet
50/50 Garnet, Moonstone & Sapphire Men's Bracelet
50/50 Garnet & Hematite Men's Bracelet
50/50 Black Agate & Turquoise Bead Men's Bracelet
4mm Gemstone Beaded Bracelet
$220.00 $143.00
Blue Tiger's Eye & Brass Skull Bracelet
This adjustable bracelet is made from 12mm blue tiger's eye beads surrounding a 21x21x13mm brass skull. Also featured on this bracelet are two 19x5mm pointed brass tips on the adjustable pull cords.
Blue Tiger's Eye & Brass Bead Men's Bracelet
This men's bracelet with 12mm blue tiger's eye beads is an elastic bracelet for men handstrung with 7mm brass beads.
Tigers Eye Beaded Men's Bracelet
This is bracelet is a stylish and utterly unique combination of Tiger’s Eye beads, combining older styles with modern aesthetics. The tiger's eye has long been thought to hold a powerful, dynamic energy - and this bracelet places it into an attractive piece perfect for your wardrobe or wrist stack. The main stone of this piece is a multicolored Tiger’s eye, supplemented by many regal darker tiger eye beads. Major Features: 4mm tiger's eye beads surrounding 8mm tiger's eye bead. This bracelet is made to fit an 8-8 .5" wrist and is strung on high quality parachute elastic.
Red Tiger's Eye Bracelet
This charming red tiger's eye bracelet features 10mm beads made from red tiger's eye on a elastic cord. Red Tiger Eye has been said to enhance confidence and self-esteem while also providing motivation and a boost of energy to those who are feel lethargic or sluggish.
Braided Leather & Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet
This simple, yet stunning bracelet is made from a handwoven leather cord fitted with a 12mm rounded golden tiger's eye bead. Golden Tiger's Eye is a gem said to create a feeling of emotional balance and increased focus. This bracelet features a 6mm onyx bead and loop closure for comortability and style. Made to fit an 8in wrist.
Braided Leather & Tibetan Wood Prayer Bead Bracelet
This earthy bracelet features a handcarved 12x10mm Tibetan wood prayer bead on a handwoven leather cord. Tibetan prayer beads, also known as malas, are a tool used to count the number of times a mantra is spoken or to regulate breathing patterns during meditation. Made to fit an 8in wrist.
Brown KmRii Stretch Twill Pants
Navy KmRii Stretch Twill Pants
Black KMRii Fleece Pants
Blue Ombre Fingerless Gloves
Green/Mint Ombre Fingerless Gloves
Black/Gray Ombre Fingerless Gloves
Brown/Taupe Ombre Fingerless Gloves
Burgandy/Black Ombre Fingerless Gloves
Avant Toi Moss Coat
Avant Toi Moss Cardigan
Taupe/Gray/Brown Avant Toi Poncho
Vulpinari Red Hoodie
Nako Black Python Jacket
Collaged Black Flannel Hoodie
Hand Assembled Hamza Patches Hoodie
Custom Smiley Face Denim Patches Hoodie
Lion Sterling Silver Ring
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