How to Accessorize Like a Rockstar

A Quick Accessory Guide

We all want to look like a rockstar. Well, sort of. We all want the charismatic draw of a rockstar. A large part of this charm comes from the styles this demographic is known for. When you can master the look, and be comfortable in it, everything else falls into place.

To help you down your path to Rock Godhood, sans music, we are going to start small with a quick primer on accessories and how they fit into a rockstar's style methodology. Use the following tried and true techniques to build your stage-ready style.


Steven Tyler in Lazaro Jewelry and Scarf

Steven Tyler in Lazaro Jewelry and Scarf

From Jimi Hendrix to Steven Tyler, and even new up and coming rockers, the scarf has been a staple of Rock fashion for decades and shows no sign of slowing down. But how practical is this accessory off the stage? Luckily the scarf serves a mainly utility purpose.  A scarf can keep your neck warm, or protect you from the sun. This all means that you can get away with wearing a scarf in a large variety of scenarios. The large surface area and multiple wear styles mean that this accessory can quickly become a focal point of your ensemble, for both good and bad. Add a splash of color to an otherwise bland outfit, as long as it looks relatively functional.

If you are going for a more outlandish scarf, it is a good general rule to keep the rest of the outfit subdued. You don't want them competing for attention.

Takeaway tip:

Use it to punctuate a look. Scarves are great for a ton of occasions and are a simple way to spice up a normal outfit.


Zac Brown Wearing Hat and Lazaro Jewlery

Zac Brown Wearing Hat and Lazaro Jewelry

Bret Michaels loves has his cowboy hat.  Slash has his top hat. While your level of fame dictates just how ridiculous your hat can be and still seem cool - there are a number of stylish alternatives that still look right at home on the scalp both on and off the stage.

Hat choice may not be as simple as it first seems. We all know how something like a fedora can quickly go from cool to well, not cool when put on the wrong head. The same rule generally applies to most headwear. Don’t wear it if you don't feel comfortable in it. Don’t wear it just because you feel comfortable in it either though.

Items that Lazaro carries, like the T.A.S Sheepskin Nappa Leather Hat, go perfectly with a wide range of looks, and compliments a standard leather jacket perfectly.

Takeaway tip:

Make sure the hat fits both your personality and your head. A hat is a great way to set yourself apart, but you need to walk that line carefully. Once you sign the record deal, go for it.


Ringo Starr Wearing Sunglasses and Lazaro Soho Jewelry

Ringo Starr Wearing Sunglasses and Lazaro Soho Jewelry

Ringo Starr, Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, the list goes on; rockstars of all eras love sunglasses. You can too.

Sunglasses are best used to augment a look, as in unlike scarves they should never be the focal point on their own. Glasses can clash with an ensemble if done correctly, but in the end should look like a smaller part of a larger whole.

You will want quality frames and this area of the glasses best utilized for ornamentation. Some styles can be very eccentric and still work with the rocker look, such as the K3 Designer B4 Sunglasses.

Outside of all that, your face size and shape will ultimately dictate the form of glasses that will look best on you. That is a topic we will cover in another segment soon.

Takeaway tip:

Like hats, glasses need to fit your head shape and personality. Match them up with your larger outfit, and you are good to go. Glasses are occasionally used, like hats, to set oneself apart (think Elvis’ 14k Gold Neostyle Nautics).

You can see our current sunglasses collection here.

Necklaces and Bracelets

Perry Farrell of Janes Addiction Wearing Handmade Designer Mens Jewelry by Lazaro SoHo NYC

Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction Wearing Handmade Snake Necklace by Lazaro SoHo NYC

Necklaces, Bracelets, watches, and bands. Both the neck and the wrist are a great place to show off some personality and wear some items that have personal significance to you. A typical “rock n’ roll” way to accessorize these areas is with “stacks.”  “Stacks” are typically made up of 3 or 4 pieces combined on the same hand (or neck), and give you plenty of room for customization.  An example of a bracelet stack would be wearing the Alexander The Great Leather Bracelet, Conch Shell beads, and Signature Link Bracelet on the same wrist.

Alternatively, both the neck and wrist can also be great places for a single statement-making piece. A unique, beautiful necklace or bracelet gives off an aura of success and is a look known to rest against the skin of a rocker or two.

Takeaway tip:

The neck and wrist are great places to show some personality or make a bold statement.

Other Assorted Items

Boy George Wearing Handmade Designer Men's Jewelry by Lazaro SoHo NYC

Boy George Wearing Black Diamond Chainlink Necklace by Lazaro SoHo NYC

There are countless ways to spice up and personalize your outfit. From ancient coins to foxtails, the amount of diversity really can be staggering. Other popular accessories for the denizens of the stage are typically going to be items like the Skull Rings.  

Takeaway tip:

Be yourself.

Know your style boundaries

You will always need to walk the line between cool and ‘try hard.’ If you are trying really hard, you are probably the latter. Relax and wear what's comfortable and looks good to you, that’s the first step in really understanding how Rockers get away with some of the fashion choices that they do. If they genuinely look comfortable in something, you will start to believe they really are.

It may take some practice to pull off the Slash top-hat, but anything is possible.

*On Looking Like a Rockstar

Now, you don’t want to look ‘like’ any rock stars (as part of the draw comes from being unique), instead, you want to dress with the same mindset in which they do. To do so, you need to understand the basis of their fashion choices.

That is a piece of knowledge that is not so easy to obtain, and even less so to utilize. It is best taken in small doses.

  Our accessories are for the bold and extraordinary - but they also mesh well with a series of styles and looks. If you enjoyed this article please share it, and the Lazaro jewelry line, with others who share your taste in alternative high fashion. Also, if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to reach out to Lazaro here.

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