Video Premier: Embrace the Future MDNA SKIN Video [VIDEO]

Announcing the launch of the video for Madonna’s new skincare range MDNA. The video, featuring Model Stephen James, was shot by renowned, award winning photographer Erica Simone and styled by movie stylist Laura Morgan and featured several items from Lazaro Soho. 

The incredible black and white launch video, accompanying stills also feature make -up artistry by Aaron Smith Henrikson and hairstyling by Andy Lecompte. 

Madonna's skin care line, MDNA Skin, was created in collaboration with the innovative Japanese beauty brand MTG and is the latest exciting venture from this cultural icon. 
Lazaro Soho are proud to have multiple items featured in the incredible video. British model Stephen James, a former professional footballer, wears two items from the Lazaro Soho collection in the video: The Classic Signature Link Bracelet and the Medium Signature Link Bracelet

Both of the Lazaro Soho bracelets are made from .925 sterling silver and feature stunning attention to detail. Both signature link bracelets are popular pieces in our collection, and were perfectly styled by Laura Morgan in this fashion-forward video. 

This project is as artistic and stylish as the iconic queen of pop herself and on-par with any of her infamous music videos. The Lazaro jewelry looks incredible next to the artistry of all those involved in this exciting project.


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