Properties of Rubies

Ruby Jewelry at Lazaro SoHo

The ruby is one of our favorite gemstones for many many reasons...

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Michelle Rodriguez Shares Triumphs and Struggles with Readers in Interview Magazine

Michelle Rodriguez in Lazaro SoHo Jewelry

Michelle Rodriguez talks with Milla Jovovich in one on one in Interview Magazine...

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It Was a Good Year for Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler in Lazaro SoHo Jewelry

Steven Tyler had a great year and looked good in 2014 traveling the world...

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Kyanite Jewelry at Lazaro SoHo

At Lazaro Soho, we use many different kinds of stones in our men’s jewelry. Some are common gemstones...

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Gold in Ancient Egypt

gold in ancient egypt

Gold is one of the most popular metals for jewelry, and has been for thousands and thousands of years...
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Properties of Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire Jewelry at Lazaro SoHo
Most people think of sapphires only as blue, and probably also associate them with September birthstone rings. They actually come in all kinds of colors and are fascinating stones not only for their geologic properties, but also for their spiritual ones.
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Jewelry vs. Jewellery

jewelry vs jewellery

We regularly get inquiries from clients concerning the spelling of the word “jewelry,” since many of them think of it as “jewellery.” I finally got curious enough to look it up and found that BOTH spellings are correct.
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