A Quick Guide to Understanding Men’s Designer Rings

A Ring is a Mark of Style & Confidence

We have a genetic drive to accumulate and display wealth - and a ring has traditionally been one of the most effective vehicles for that display of power. The men who have the drive to display their power and wealth, translated to our modern times, are the ones you will find more often rocking designer rings.

Someone trying to wear a ring for style points, without a natural comfort level with the adornment, will periodically emote discomfort and fidgeting. The gaudier the ring, the more you will have to manage regarding comfort and confidence.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, and I don't agree with the concept 100%, but there is some truth to it. You will rarely see rings, other than an engagement ring, on self-conscious men.

There is a certain “check me out” factor that comes along with designer rings, and this stems entirely from our biology.

Did you Know?

Bands of precious metal have been found as far back as 2500 BC (Shell jewelry and ornaments up to 42,000 years old). For some perspective, that 2500 BC date is further from the period ascribed to the Roman Empire and Christian crucifixion than we are. Super old.

Image of gold men's designer rings stacked on hand.

The Style of Ring

So we have established roughly the type of men you will likely find wearing designer rings. Now if we were to break that group up into separate categories, there is still a vast range of diversity. You will have men who prefer subdued and clean looking pieces like perhaps a pure silver or titanium band; other men will opt for elaborate designs, Skulls with gemstones for eyes, for example. Lazaro understands and caters to both of these crowds.

While there are hundreds of styles, you can roughly break Men’s rings up into three groups (these are not the official names, just how we tend to think of them).

Industry Rings: Championship Ring, Engineer's Ring, Class Ring, Doctoral Ring, Ecclesiastical Ring, etc.

Fairly self-explanatory. These rings are unique to the sport or industry you are involved in and represent a certain level of achievement or knowledge. These fall into a separate category from designer rings worn for purely for fashion reasons. Rings are universal status symbols, and this category is based entirely on that concept.

The Gentlemen Rings: Classic, Subdued, Dapper

These rings simultaneously display wealth, style, and a personality that exudes inner confidence. These rings are for the men who prefer ensembles that emphasize hard lines, cleanliness, and power. No obscene displays, just confidence. Silver rings for men are the most popular ring in this category.

Some examples of rings that fall into this category are:

Image of designer rings stacked on hand petting cat.

“I belong on a stage” Designer Rings

For the “Rock Gods” may not the most accurate title, but it gives you an idea of the Jewelry we are talking about. These pieces are for the men who desire to be the center of attention, the life of the party. These rings display both wealth, taste, and will often give some further insight into your personality. Our men’s skull rings are probably the best known standard for this type of ring.

Ranging from gorgeous to grotesque, these rings demand others take notice.

Some examples of designer rings that fall into this category are:

Symbolism Regarding the Fingers

Though in modern western culture this form of symbolism has mostly died off (except the wedding ring finger) it is still an interesting topic to look into. While we are here talking about designer rings and precious metals, we might as well explore how these items are traditionally worn.

Right Hand Versus Left Hand.

This varies dramatically from culture to culture. An American male will usually wear his wedding ring on the left hand, while someone from an Eastern Orthodox church may choose to wear it on the right. Every culture has some opinion about whether something should be worn on the right or left hand, but the lack of universalities make it almost a moot point. Simply put, the side you choose will mean something to someone.

The Pinky Ring

A pinky ring actually has a couple of advantages. It rarely represents something in other cultures, so this finger doesn't have as much baggage as the others might if you plan on traveling with a ring on it. A pinky ring also is set apart from the rest of the hand a bit - allowing the ring to be seen from an increased number of angles.

The “Ring” Finger

This is well known as the finger you wear your wedding band on (in Western Europe or the United States the right hand is engagement, the left is marriage). The rings on this finger are typically more subdued, and elaborate rings used on these fingers might not convey the same relationship status as a simple band. The idea is if the ring is apparently being used as a decoration it may not have the same relationship utility. For simplicity’s sake, unless you are married, you might want to skip over this finger.

Image of gold men's designer rings.

Did you Know?

Hannibal Barca, the Terror of Rome in the second Punic war, wore a poison ring with which to use on his enemies and traitorous friends.

The Middle Finger

Your most significant finger, and also the one most capable of expressing your emotions to those you dislike. This is a favorite ring finger for a multitude of reasons. Rings on this finger often feel more secure, and for many, this translates into comfort.

The Index Finger

This is not a favorite ring finger for general fashion purposes. This finger leads a lot of the movement of the hand and rings on it can feel insecure and cumbersome. Historically this was the finger which noblemen and kings would wear signet and household rings - men who could afford to display wealth and keep their hands clean. It is the power symbol finger - class rings, fraternal rings, etc. can often be found here.

The Thumb

This combines elements of both the pinky finger and the index finger. It is on the outside and is, therefore, more capable of being seen, it is also traditionally a finger where symbols of power and status are worn. If one wants to wear multiple rings on the same hand, the thumb is often the second finger utilized.

Image of three men's designer rings stacked on hand

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