A Quick Guide For Men's 2018 Summer Fashion Accessories
Like all other aspects of fashion - the popular trends around Men’s accessories appear, disappear, and reappear years later. It is a cyclical system where new styles are added, and others occasionally spin off into oblivion. While most men won’t openly admit to following “trends” almost all will have a closet full of one style or another popular at the time of purchase.

The styles that we champion at Lazaro never fully comply with the demands of high fashion (Our customers belong on rock stages and big screens, not fashion runways), but we still strive to understand and dissect all the trends currently making waves in men’s fashion. A well-rounded knowledge of trends and how they work is the key to trailblazing your own.

With all that said, we are going to explore some of the general fashion trends appearing for men in 2018, offer notes on Lazaro accessories, and give you some tips how you can look your best this summer.

Your Key Accessories for the Sun

Summer is the hot season, the bright season, and you will need to be dressing accordingly. Lazaro fashion is typically built for the night, but we do have a selection of designer sunglasses and leather jewelry that will help you look your best, even in the summer heat.

While the heat means you will probably be wearing less clothes than usual, you can still make a statement in style with some designer jewelry. Let the accessories do your talking this summer.

Men’s 2018 Summer Trends

To understand the accessories of the season, you must understand the trends of the season.

For some staying on top trends is exhausting. For others, staying fashionable is something that comes much more naturally. The vast majority of us fall into the former category. Luckily our fashion team is able to make up some slack for the rest of us. Here are the upcoming Spring/Summer trends they have been keeping an eye on:

Technical Outdoor Wear

Kmrii Mesh Hoodie

Specifically technical jackets. If early Spring is any indication, Windbreakers and lightweight trekking jackets are looking to be quite abundant during the cooler mornings/nights come late summer.

Rather than stick to the colors and patterns fit for the outdoors, this years lineup are full of jackets clearly made for making a statement - not camping.

Lazaro has a wide selection of hats, as well as leather and wooden jewelry accessories that will pair well with this look.

Some examples include:

Discharged Dyed Shirts

Raspberry Discharged Men's Shirt

In classic Lazaro style, we strive to be front-runners in the fashion game while still bringing our own uniqueness to the table.

The Lazaro lineup has a wide array of choices when it comes to these discharged shirts. With designs crafted by No,No,Yes!, Kmrii, and Lazaro himself, it is easy to see that hand-dyed discharged shirts are the new "In" style this year. No two shirts are alike, insuring your individual style is sure to be unparalleled. For a natural/boho style, pair these shirts with:

Earthen accessories like beads and leather, or more subdued precious jewellery like silver cufflinks or the ancient coin necklace. Each of these gives off a natural and wealthy feel that meshes well with the topical prints.

Oversized Shirts

Beige Mavranyma long shirt for men

Another fashion faux pas making it big this year in the mainstream. Luxury designers seem to have collectively got together and made it happen for the oversized shirt this season.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do ‘athleisure’ looks, luckily the type of cool we peddle at Lazaro is all about making the casual and comfortable a mark of good taste. We have a ton of accessories that pair up perfectly with this casual style, and a little imagination can go a long way. Check out our Sunglasses, and necklaces mainly, paying extra attention to simple, clean and striking pieces like the Razor Blade Pendant On a Box Chain .

This style of shirt also works perfectly with high-top trainers like the Black & White Artselab Sneakers.

Re-purposed Flannels

Lazaro Distressed Men's Flannel Shirts

Flannels never truly go out of style, but there are phases where they are a bit more popular than others. We are currently in such a phase. Checkers and plaid give off a smart vibe, but done wrongly can make you look both boring and predictable. You could always match an ordinary flannel with exciting accessories, or you can skip the extra steps and buy one of our unique re-purposed flannels. Featuring different hand-dyed and distressed techniques, these shirts are classic fashion paired with a little extra "unf."

Cufflinks, socks, and earrings will go a long way to emphasize your originality within this trend.

Our accessories are for the bold and extraordinary - but they also mesh well with a series of styles and looks. If you enjoyed this article please share it and the Lazaro clothing line with others who share your taste in alternative high fashion. Also, if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to reach out to Lazaro here.

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