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Silver, Conch & Wooden Tibetan Prayer Bead Men's Bracelet
18mm conch bead men's bracelet with 10mm sterling silver roundelles. This bracelet for men is handstrung with 12mm vintage wooden Tibetan prayer beads and has a brown deerskin leather accent. (Approx. 8.5 inches)
$395.00 $280.00
Ruby, Conch & Lapis Bead Men's Bracelet
The most striking feature of this men's bracelet is the contrast between a 17mm conch bead and 10mm lapis beads. This bracelet for men with sterling silver and deerskin leather accent is handstrung with 8mm 18k gold roundelles studded with rubies.
$745.00 $525.00
Gold, Sapphire & Lapis Bead Men's Bracelet
Handstrung bracelet for men with 10mm lapis beads and sterling silver detailing. This men's bracelet features an 8mm 14kt gold roundelle with blue sapphires. (Adjustable length: 8.5" - 9.5")
$985.00 $693.00
Blue Tiger's Eye, Gold & Sapphire Men's Bracelet
Limited edition men's bracelet with 8mm and 12mm blue tiger's eye beads. This elastic bracelet for men with sterling silver is handstrung with 8mm 14kt gold and sapphire roundelles.
$835.00 $588.00
Blue Tiger's Eye & Bronze Bead Men's Bracelet
This men's bracelet with 12mm blue tiger's eye beads is an elastic bracelet for men handstrung with 7mm bronze beads.
$235.00 $168.00
Silver, Bronze Bead & Blue Tiger's Eye Men's Bracelet
Men's bracelet featuring 7mm diamond-barrel shaped bronze beads with black deerskin leather accent. This limited edition bracelet for men with 12mm blue tiger's eye beads also has 6mm and 10mm sterling silver roundelles. (Approx. 8.5 inches)
$485.00 $343.00
Natural Faceted Agate, Silver & Bronze Bead Men's Bracelet
A limited edition 14mm x 36mm natural faceted agate stone bracelet for men. The 10mm sterling silver roundelles and 7mm diamond-barrel shaped bronze beads are handstrung on this men's bracelet with a deerskin leather accent. (Approx. 8 inches)
$470.00 $332.50
Conch Shell Bead & Black Diamond Large Faceted Agate Men's Bracelet
Men's beaded bracelets like our conch shell bead bracelet for men with large faceted agate and black diamond studded gold rondelles on leather show the craftsmanship that you expect from men's jewelry bracelets.
Conch Shell Bead & Large Faceted Agate Men's Bracelet
If you are looking for gifts for him then shop our beaded bracelets for men. This men's bracelet is handstrung on leather with silver rondelles, faceted agate, and Conch shell beads.
$535.00 $378.00
Large Faceted Agate on Conch Shell Bead Men's Bracelet
Men's jewelry designer Lazaro SoHo's handstrung conch shell bead, blue sapphire and large faceted agate custom men's bracelet with leather strap and gold rondelles is part of our classic collection of men's jewelry.
$885.00 $623.00
 Silver, Lava Bead & Conch Shell Bracelet
Sterling silver handstrung lava and conch shell bead bracelet for men featuring 10mm beads.
$205.00 $147.00
10mm Wooden bead & Silver Bracelet
10mm Wood bead handstrung men's bracelet featuring sterling silver capped beads.
$205.00 $147.00
Bronze Raven Belt Buckle
These unique handmade belt buckles feature the skull of a Raven, casted in bronze.
$700.00 $280.00
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