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Silver Ganesh Pendant on Leather Men's Necklace
This cool necklace features a sterling silver Ganesh pendant for men on a leather strap men's necklace.
Silver Gothic Window Dog Tag on Garnet & Silver Necklace for Men
Sterling silver gothic window dog tag on garnet and sterling silver necklace.
Silver Horn & Onyx bead Men's necklace
Sterling silver horn on onyx bead necklace with sterling silver.
Silver Key, Coral, Opal Cross & Intaglio Charm Pendants on Silver, Onyx & Kyanite Necklace
Hand strung black onyx and kyanite bead necklace with sterling silver featuring an intaglio charm, a sterling silver key, an opal cross and a coral pendant.
Silver Native American Pendant on Turquoise Bead Necklace
Turquoise necklace with sterling silver native american pendant depicting an iconic indian chief in headdress.
Silver Obsidian Skull Pendant on Rock Crystal & Onyx Bead Necklace
An onyx bead necklace handstrung with rock crystal that has a sterling silver and obsidian skull pendant.
Silver Owl with Ruby Set Eyes & Onyx Bead Men's Bracelet
Onyx bead bracelet with sterling silver owl with ruby eyes.
Silver Pyramid & Champagne Diamond Roundels on a Braided Leather Bracelet
High quality hand braided black leather bracelet featuring sterling silver pyramid and champagne diamond roundels.
Silver Pyramid Cross & Onyx Bead Men's Necklace
Sterling silver pyramid cross and onyx bead necklace.
Silver Pyramid Cuff
This sterling silver cuff bears a bold pyramid motif that is striking.
Silver Rondelle On Pearl, Brass & Red Leather Bracelet
These handmade beaded bracelets feature fresh water pearls and brass beads hand strung on high quality red leather with brass tips and sterling silver rondelles.
Silver Scarab & Onyx Bead Men's Bracelet
Onyx bead bracelet with sterling silver caps and sterling silver scarab.
Silver Shield & Silver Tipped Leather Bracelet
Black braided leather and sterling silver tipped bracelet with a sterling silver shield bearing a coat of arms.
Silver Skull with Onyx Eyes on Jade Bead Bracelet
Jade bead bracelet adorned with a handcrafted sterling silver skull and eyes set with onyx.
Silver Snake Pendant on Silver, White Agate & Onyx Bead Necklace
Sterling silver snake pendant on white agate and onyx necklace with sterling silver clasp.
Silver Star of David & Onyx Bead Bracelet
Onyx bead bracelet with sterling silver Star of David.
Silver Sword Cross Pendant & Pirate Dogtag on Ruby & Onyx bead Necklace
Sterling silver cross sword pirate dog tag on ruby and onyx bead necklace.
Silver Venetian Lion Bracelet
A handmade linked sterling silver bracelet detailed with a Venetian lion.
Silver Wire on Woven Red Leather Bracelet
This cool bracelet for men features sterling silver on a woven leather men's bracelet.
Silver, Agate & Onyx Bead Men's Bracelet
This cool bracelet is an onyx bead men's bracelet that is an agate bracelet for men with sterling silver.
Silver, Blue & Red Crotchet Bracelet
This handmade red and blue crochet bracelet features sterling silver detail and an adjustable closure.
Silver, Blue Kyanite & Geode Necklace
Blue kyanite bead necklace with sterling silver lobster claw clasp and geode pendant bound in high quality leather.
Silver, Brass & Braided Leather Bone Bead Bracelet
High quality woven leather bracelet with sterling silver, brass and bone beads.
Silver, Ceramic & Conch Shell Bead Bracelet
This handmade blue ceramic bead bracelet features a conch shell bead capped with sterling silver.
Silver, Ceramic & Malachite Men's Necklace
A sterling silver hand knotted men's necklace that is a malachite necklace for men with ceramic beads.
Silver, Ceramic & Sun Stone Men's Necklace
Red ceramic beaded men's necklace and hand knotted sun stone necklace for men with sterling silver.
Silver, Ceramic Bead & Black Onyx Bracelet
Blue ceramic beads and black onyx with sterling silver caps handstrung on a bracelet.
Silver, Coral & Lapis Bead Bracelet
These red coral beads capped with sterling silver are handstrung on a lapis bead bracelet that offers a complimentary contrast of color.
Silver, Diamond & Tzavorite Bracelet
Tzavorite bracelet handmade with sterling silver and set with diamonds.
Silver, Green Onyx & Agate Men's Bracelet
Green onyx bead bracelet for men with sterling silver on a men's bracelet featuring agate.
Silver, Lapis Bead & Conch Shell Bracelet
Lapis beads handstrung with a conch shell bead and sterling silver detail on an elastic bracelet.
Silver, Lava & White Agate Men's Bracelet
This handstrung sterling silver and lava bead men's bracelet is a white agate bracelet for men.
Silver, Leather & African Glass bracelet
This bracelet is composed of vibrant blue African glass beads handstrung on bright red leather with sterling silver.
Silver, Leather & Ceramic Bead Bracelet
Ceramic bead bracelet with sterling silver roundels and leather.
Silver, Onyx & Coral Beaded Men's Bracelet
Handstrung coral bead bracelet for men with sterling silver on a men's bracelet with onyx beads.
Silver, White & Black Leather Cuff
This handmade braided white and black leather cuff bracelet features sterling silver crown caps and detail.
Skingraft White Drop Crotch Shorts
Smoky Topaz Silver Cross Pendant on Silver & Spinel Bead Necklace
This unique handmade spinel bead necklace for men with sterling silver clasp features a smoky topaz silver cross pendant.
Smooth Red Ceramic Beaded Men's Bracelet
A ceramic bead bracelet for men featuring vibrant red ceramic beads with a smooth finish that make this men's bracelet shine.
Spinel & Sterling Silver Bracelet
This bracelet is handmade with sterling silver and features spinel beads.
Spinel, Ceramic & Silver Bead Leather Men's Bracelet
Ceramic bead bracelet for men on a leather and spinel men's bracelet with sterling silver.
St Christopher Silver Pendant on Lapis Bead Necklace
Sterling silver St. Christopher pendant on a lapis necklace.
Sterling Silver Ring with Rubies
Hand made ruby cocktail ring featuring a flower motif.
Sterling Silver Sword on Spinnel Necklace
Stylized sterling silver sword or dagger on spinnel necklace
Tibetan Wood Bead & Pearl Men's Bracelet
This pearl bracelet for men with Tibetan wood beads is a hand strung men's bracelet.
Tigers Eye & Brass Bead Men's Bracelet
Cool bracelet that has brass beads detailed with a patina hand strung on a tigers eye bracelet for men
Tourmaline Sapphire & Diamond Necklace
This tourmaline and sapphire bead necklace is handstrung with diamonds
Triple Banded Brass Bangle
This handmade men's bangle is elegantly designed from three simple round polished bands of yellow brass.
Turquoise & Silver Eagle Claw Pendant on Silver & Ceramic Bead Necklace
This one of a kind turquoise stone in the clutch of an iconic sterling silver eagle claw pendant is strung on a handknotted ceramic bead and sterling silver necklace for men.
Turquoise & Silver Om Hand Buddha Pendant on Silver, Sapphire & Ceramic Bead Necklace
Sterling silver ohm hand with turquoise on ceramic bead necklace with sapphires and sterling silver.
Turquoise Braided Leather Necklace
This hand braided leather necklace is made of high quality turquoise leather.
Turquoise Madonna & Oval Pendants on Silver, Blue Ceramic & Ruby Necklace
Ceramic bead necklace with sterling silver and rubies featuring two oval turquoise pendants with a depiction of the Madonna on the larger one.
Turquoise, Ceramic Bead & Conch Shell Bracelet
Turquoise and red ceramic bead bracelet featuring a long conch shell bead.
Turquoise, Sapphire & Silver Men's Necklace
Sapphire and sterling silver on a hand knotted men's necklace that is a turquoise necklace for men
Venetian Glass Pendant on Spinel Bead Necklace
Beautiful hand blown Venetian glass pendant is handstrung on a spinel bead necklace for men.
Vintage Brass Charm Necklace
Vintage brass necklace reproduction features charm pendant with large coins illustrating different iconic figures and a hand holding a serpentine dagger.
Vintage Brass Necklace
Vintage brass necklace reproduction featuring three conical pendants.
Vintage Brass Necklace with Athena Pendant
Brass necklace with a pendant featuring a reproduction of vintage depiction of Athena.
Vintage Cross & Alexander the Great pendants on Brass Necklace
Handmade vintage brass necklace with cross pendant and Alexander the Great pendant.
Vintage Eagle Pendant on Brass Necklace
Vintage eagle pendant on a brass necklace for men.
Vintage Religious Pendants on a Brass Necklace
This vintage necklace features religious pendants with a depiction of the Madonna.
Water Snake Skin Men's Bracelet
Water snake skin bracelet lined with soft black leather and featuring a durable snap enclosure on a 8 1/2" X 3/4" handmade men's bracelet.
Waxed Thread & Black Leather Men's Bracelet
Waxed thread bracelets for men are classic and this men's bracelet with leather is great accent to any look.
White Agate & Brass on Thread Bracelet
This adjustable thread bracelet features mother of pearl beads and brass.
White Agate Bead Bracelet
This white agate 8mm bead bracelet for men is both stunning and subtle.
White Alligator Flip Flops Sandals
These sandals feature genuine alligator upper with a long-lasting comfortable sole.
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