Ruby Jewelry at Lazaro SoHo

The ruby is one of our favorite gemstones for many many reasons. At LazaroSoho, we use rubies in all kinds of men’s jewelry, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, blazer pins, pendants, and charms. The deep red color of rubies works well with a lot of different colored stones, metals, and other materials, as well as being stunning on its own. Ruby beads can be strung into a men’s necklace that serves as the perfect setting for a pendant such as our Black Diamond Skull Cross on Ruby Men's Necklace, but rubies can also shine when used for eyes in various pieces like the Evil Eye & Silver Skull with Rubies & Sapphire on Box Chain or the Silver Lion Pendant with 18kt gold & Ruby Eye on Spinnel Necklace. They bring an element of drama to a men’s ring or pin and really make the man stand out.


Like sapphire, ruby is an aluminum oxide mineral called corundum and is known for its extreme hardness and chemical stability. It forms beautiful hexagonal crystals, and when they are gemstone quality and red in color because of the trace element of chromium, they are known as rubies. The qualities of corundum allow it to remain long after other minerals have been destroyed, and rubies are often concentrated in alluvial deposits in many parts of the world.


Where are Rubies Found?


The most famous gemstone rubies have traditionally been found in Burma (Myanmar), but it has been illegal to import Burmese rubies and other gemstones into the United States since 2003 because of the repressiveness of the military regime there and the subsequent economic sanctions.Rubies are also found in places in Asia like Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and parts of Africa such as Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, and Malawi. Rubies are even present in the US, in Montana and North Carolina. They used to be found in Thailand, but were all mined from there by the 1980s, though Bangkok is still the center of the ruby gemstone trade. 


Even though rubies are found in so many places, they are still quite rare. Because they are extremely desirable and beautiful gemstones and there are not enough mined to meet the demand, good natural stones can get quite expensive. It is possible to make synthetic corundum, and its hardness and stability make it useful in a number of industrial applications. One of the most interesting is lasers, and some are actually called “ruby lasers.”


Healing Properties of Rubies


Rubies are versatile and beautiful stones that bring a lot of benefits to the wearer. They are noble stones and signify protection and prosperity. The deep red color signifies passion and warning. They are worn to ward off disease and warn the wearer of impending danger. They keep both the body and mind safe by protecting from disease, sadness, bad dreams, and foolish thoughts. Rubies are gems of peace and assist in resolving disputes. They are stones of passion, but also signify restrained lust. In short, these are the perfect gems for most men and make distinctive masculine jewelry.


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