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Limited Edition Conch, Leather & Hammered Brass Men's Beaded Bracelet
Wear the treasures of the sea on your wrist, bewitching, marbled conch shell beads are regally surrounded by hammered brass rings. This one-of-a-kind bracelet features deerskin leather trimmings, and is a limited edition masterpiece.
Limited Edition Turquoise & Hammered Brass Men's Beaded Bracelet
The extraordinary brown and blue turquoise stones will leave you begging for this limited edition piece. Hammered brass rings and deerskin leather trimmings handsomely compliment this must have bracelet.
$295.00 $180.00
Limited Agate & Turquoise Beaded Men's Bracelet
Color your world, red African trade beads and black agate blend with turquoise beads to brighten up the wearers wrist. This splashy piece features sterling silver roundels and lobster closure clasp.
Wood & Hammered Brass Men's Beaded Bracelet
Embrace the forest on your wrist, carved wood beads featured in sleek black and silver pop against hammered brass. Bracelet pairs well with others or stands alone as a singlet.
$175.00 $126.00
Bone & Silver Hemp Men's Bracelet
An alabaster bone bead is superbly detailed by sterling silver roundels and hand woven black hemp. Bracelet stands alone or pairs well with other jewelry.
Limited Edition Coral & Leather Men's Bracelet
The blazing coral center is red-hot on this limited edition bracelet, featuring sterling silver roundels and a bone bead closure on hand woven red and black deerskin leather.
Limited Edition Blue Tigers Eye & Silver Beaded Bracelet
Wear an ocean of blue around your wrist, sultry blue tigers eye beads and sterling silver roundels swim together on this limited edition piece. Tigers eye is always a classic piece with a unqiue flair for the wearer.
Blue Tigers Eye & Leather Lariat Necklace
It is far from midnight with this lariat necklace featuring deep blue tigers eye beads and black deerskin leather. Leather lariat is hand braided and offers adjustable length.
Tigers Eye & Leather Lariat Men's Necklace
Rich golden-blue tigers eye beads create a mystical display of color around the wearers neck, this lariat necklace features black deerskin leather with hand braiding for the completed look.
Agate & Ruby Beaded Men's Necklace
Bursts of rubies shine alongside white agate beads on this regal men's necklace, a piece to wear alone or add a pop with a Lazaro Soho pendent. The Brass Feather pendent is an excellent addition to this chic piece.
Limited Edition Silver & Leather Lariat Men's Necklace
Stick to a basic that is big on style with this limited edition lariat necklace. Necklace is constructed on black deerskin leather featuring detailed sterling silver roundel rings and ornamental balls.
Carved Jet Skull on Classic Silver Box Chain
This hand-carved jet skull pendent adds the right amount of mischief to the wearer, display this sinful pendent on classic sterling silver box chain for a look that steals the show.
Coral & Sapphire Men's Beaded Necklace
This Lazaro SoHo necklace is red-hot and will leave a blazing glow around the neck. This sultry piece features coral beads surrounding sapphire and capped sterling silver accents creating a colorful pop.
Ruby & Blue Tigers Eye Men's Beaded Necklace
Day suit, night suit, anytime suit, dress up your wardrobe with a limited edition blue tigers eye and ruby beaded necklace. Necklace utilizes sterling silver spacers handstrung and knotted to accentuate the luxurious tigers eye and ruby beads.
Sapphire & Lava Men's Beaded Necklace
An explosion of nature presented in a handsome necklace, this creative masterpiece consists of raw lava beads encompassing sapphire stones and sterling silver accents.
Sapphire & Turquoise Men's Beaded Necklace
Wild blue-green turquoise is the warm setting that perfectly circles the neck, the wearer of this beaded necklace can lavish in the oceany colors including, not only turquoise beads, but sapphires and sterling silver accents.
Garnet & Sapphire Men's Beaded Necklace
A handsomely exquisite beaded necklace chain featuring garnet and sapphire stones enveloped by sterling silver roundels. A look truly fit for a king.
Limited Edition Leather, Brass & Silver Men's Bracelet
Rugged deerskin leather wraps the wrist with a touch of the great outdoors, this handsome limited edition piece features a conch shell center surrounded by vintage African trading beads, sterling silver roundel rings and Lazaro Soho signature hammered brass.
$235.00 $168.00
Brass & Leather Men's Beaded Bracelet
Lustrous brass beads and hammered brass roundels pop against chocolately deerskin leather to create a unique men's bracelet with an eccentric flair. A conch shell center highlights the bracelet's nature-oriented vibes.
Limited Edition Conch, Lapis & Turquoise Men's Beaded Bracelet
Bright royal blue lapis beads are artistically hand carved, creating a colorful arrangement accenting a marbled conch shell center surrounded by hammered brass roundels and turquoise beads. Bracelet is a limited edition piece.
$315.00 $192.00
Limited Edition Tigers Eye & Brass Men's Beaded Bracelet
Brillantly rich tigers eye beads are magestically surrounded by hammered brass roundels, this limited edition bracelet is a one of a kind addition to your wrist. Bracelet pairs well in a playful bracelet stack.
$320.00 $227.50
18K Gold Dragon Ring
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