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Matte Lapis, Tsavorite & 14KT Gold Men's Beaded Bracelet
Royal lapis in a matte finish will leave you melting into the deep blue color of these delectable beads, a vision wrapped around the wrist accented with 14KT gold and tsavorite roundels.
$650.00 $455.00
Matte Lapis, Sapphire & 14KT Gold Men's Beaded Bracelet
From ancient Egyptians to modern-day royalty, the lapis serves as a prized stone for adornment and wealth. This superb bracelet features royal blue matte lapis beads, as well as, 14KT gold and sapphire roundels. An excellent bracelet to wear alone or pair with lapis gems.
Matte Lapis & 14KT Gold Men's Beaded Bracelet
A polished 14KT gold bead stands in the center, surrounded by deep indigo matte lapis which exquisitely highlights the golden center. Wear a little royalty on the wrist, lapis have been favored stones by royalty for hundreds of years.
Matte Lapis Beaded Bracelet
A swelling ocean calling your name, waves of blue roaring past. Unleash the majestic lapis and be one with this heavenly stone. These exquisite matte lapis beads perfect for pairing or to stand alone. Lapis beads measure 10 mm.
Wood, Brass & Turquoise Men's Beaded Bracelet
Chic bracelet vibes with dark wood beads surrounding brass spacers and a greenish turquoise center. A rock-n-roll bracelet for musicians, business men and you.
$180.00 $108.00
Turquoise, Brass & Conch Shell Men's Beaded Bracelet
Walk like the Egyptians, wear jewelry reminiscent of the Egyptians, turquoise beads worthy of the pharaohs. Bracelet also features brass spacers and a marbled conch shell center bead. A bracelet masterpiece of worldly wonders.
$350.00 $210.00
Lava, Brass & Jade Beaded Bracelet
A mystical piece featuring lava beads surrounding a jade center and brass spacers. This magical piece of jewelry is extraordinary, let the mystery of this bracelet wear you.
$180.00 $126.00
Brass & Gold Tigers Eye Men's Beaded Bracelet
Handsome golden-blue tigers eye beads playfully envelope hammered brass spacer. Bracelet is nostaglic of summer sunset aglow with colors melting into the horizon.
Silver Feather Pendant on Matte Lapis Beaded Necklace
Use feathers to express communication and style, this Lazaro SoHo handcrafted feather pendant calls to expressions of self. The pendant is constructed of sterling silver and bass, and accented by a royal blue beaded matte lapis necklace.
Silver Feather Pendant on Malachite Necklace
As the spring begins to warm the birds move North, catch a feather pendant around the neck, a reminder of what is near. An intricate sterling silver and brass feather pendant shines on the vividly beaded malachite necklace, the pendant-necklace combo offers a fresh wardrobe look.
Brass Feather Pendant on Matte Lapis Beaded Necklace
A majestic brass feather pendant playfully hangs on a beaded matte lapis necklace. The detail feather pendant is the perfect pair for the regal coloring of the cobalt blue lapis.
Brass Feather Pendant on Onyx Beaded Necklace
A whimsical reminder of the a feather lighted by the moon, the brass and sterling silver feather pendant glows against an onyx beaded necklace. The pair is reminiscent of a midnight moon and sky.
Limited Edition Conch & Hammered Brass Men's Beaded Bracelet
From surfs up at the beach to dancing at the club, this limited edition bracelet offers perfect harmony in any setting. Bracelet features milky conch shell beads enveloping hammered brass rings.
$170.00 $119.00
Limited Edition Conch, Leather & Hammered Brass Men's Beaded Bracelet
Wear the treasures of the sea on your wrist, bewitching, marbled conch shell beads are regally surrounded by hammered brass rings. This one-of-a-kind bracelet features deerskin leather trimmings, and is a limited edition masterpiece.
Limited Edition Turquoise & Hammered Brass Men's Beaded Bracelet
The extraordinary brown and blue turquoise stones will leave you begging for this limited edition piece. Hammered brass rings and deerskin leather trimmings handsomely compliment this must have bracelet.
$300.00 $180.00
Limited Agate & Turquoise Beaded Men's Bracelet
Color your world, red African trade beads and black agate blend with turquoise beads to brighten up the wearers wrist. This splashy piece features sterling silver roundels and lobster closure clasp.
Wood & Hammered Brass Men's Beaded Bracelet
Embrace the forest on your wrist, carved wood beads featured in sleek black and silver pop against hammered brass. Bracelet pairs well with others or stands alone as a singlet.
$180.00 $126.00
Bone & Silver Hemp Men's Bracelet
An alabaster bone bead is superbly detailed by sterling silver roundels and hand woven black hemp. Bracelet stands alone or pairs well with other jewelry.
Limited Edition Coral & Leather Men's Bracelet
The blazing coral center is red-hot on this limited edition bracelet, featuring sterling silver roundels and a bone bead closure on hand woven red and black deerskin leather.
Limited Edition Blue Tigers Eye & Silver Beaded Bracelet
Wear an ocean of blue around your wrist, sultry blue tigers eye beads and sterling silver roundels swim together on this limited edition piece. Tigers eye is always a classic piece with a unqiue flair for the wearer.
Blue Tigers Eye & Leather Lariat Necklace
It is far from midnight with this lariat necklace featuring deep blue tigers eye beads and black deerskin leather. Leather lariat is hand braided and offers adjustable length.
Tigers Eye & Leather Lariat Men's Necklace
Rich golden-blue tigers eye beads create a mystical display of color around the wearers neck, this lariat necklace features black deerskin leather with hand braiding for the completed look.
Agate & Ruby Beaded Men's Necklace
Bursts of rubies shine alongside white agate beads on this regal men's necklace, a piece to wear alone or add a pop with a Lazaro Soho pendent. The Brass Feather pendent is an excellent addition to this chic piece.
Limited Edition Silver & Leather Lariat Men's Necklace
Stick to a basic that is big on style with this limited edition lariat necklace. Necklace is constructed on black deerskin leather featuring detailed sterling silver roundel rings and ornamental balls.
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