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Limited Edition Whitewash Skullstonaut Blamo Doll
This Whitewash Skullstonaut is here for a limited time only. Featuring a canvas suit, glass helmet, hand painted skull with wood hands and boots, this completely handmade toy would be the perfect addition to your collection.
Furry Space Baby Blamo Doll
This unique doll by Blamo Toys is a special edition of their classic Space Baby. The Furry Space Baby features faux fur, brass face, and weighted feet.
Yeti Hug Blamo Doll
This unique Yeti Hug Doll by Blamo Toys features soft faux fur, taxidermy eyes, leather hands, and a signature tongue zipper pull that opens up the pouch inside his mouth! Feet are weighted with plastic beads to help the doll stand upright.
Rev Blamo Doll
Rev is described by Blamo Toys as "a little fox loves to play and always wins at games of speed and cunning." Rev has a hand cast brass face, a black leather body, and he stands at 5″ tall and 5 1/2″ long.
Limited Edition White Brass Space Baby
This limited edition White Brass Space Baby comes from Blamo Toys and features a hand cast white brass face and a body made from high quality leather. Space Baby measures 12″ from head to toe and has weighted feet.
Echo Blamo Doll
Echo is a rabbit-like chimera doll made by Blamo Toys. Measuring 13″ from head to toe, this unique doll features a body made from high quality leather and a hand cast brass face.