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South Sea Pearl Lariat Necklace
This handmade bead necklace was made using south sea pearls strung on wax thread.
Conch Shell & White Diamond Leather Necklace
This handmade leather necklace was made using conch shell, ruby, 18K gold, and white diamonds.
Black Onyx & Conch Shell Leather Necklace
This handmade leather necklace was made using polished black onyx beads with ruby, 18K gold, white diamonds, conch shell and leather fringe.
Vintage Wooden Bead & Skull Necklace
This handmade bead necklace was made using vintage Tibetan carved wood meditation beads, ruby, 18K gold, sterling silver rings, sterling silver skulls and leather fringe.
Silver & Wood Bead Hand Braided Leather Necklace
This handmade braided leather necklace with fringe features silver and wood beads.
Hand Braided Leather Necklace
This handmade braided leather necklace features polished , white diamonds, sterling silver and 18k gold.
Orange, Black & Blue Ceramic Bead Necklace
This hand strung bead necklace features orange, black and blue ceramic beads that offer a vibrant compliment to each other.
$170.00 $85.00
Silver & Gold Anchor Pendant on Onyx Necklace
This nautical necklace features a 23mm x 22mm sterling silver and 14kt gold anchor pendant on a 26 inch hand knotted onyx chain.
$510.00 $255.00
South Sea Pearl & Leather Pendant on Onyx Necklace
This 26 inch necklace features a stunning 12mm south sea pearl woven in high quality leather (Full pendant measures 29mm) suspended on a hand-beaded 3mm and 4mm onyx chain.
$550.00 $275.00
Shell, Turquoise, & Agate Necklace
This 19" Native American inspired necklace features hand shaped 4mm beads made from shell, turquoise, agate.
Malachite, Turquoise, & Silver Hand Knotted Necklace
Crafted from malachite, reconstructed turquoise, and silver beads on a 22" hand knotted necklace, this necklace gives of a very natural vibe. Beads measure 3mm.
$180.00 $90.00
Turquoise, Italian Coral, & Sterling Silver Necklace
Hand knotted 3mm turquoise, 3mm x 6mm Italian coral, and sterling silver come together in this charming necklace. Necklace measures 22" in length.
$410.00 $205.00
1940's Red Glass & Sterling Silver Cameo Pendant on Spinel Necklace
This 24" spinel beaded necklace is fitted with a 1940's Red Glass and sterling silver cameo pendant. Spinel beads are 3mm-5mm in diameter and cameo pendant measures 16mm x 14mm.
$520.00 $260.00
Onyx & Brass Wrap Bracelet Necklace
This hand-knotted onyx and brass beaded wrap bracelet can be un-wound and worn as a necklace. Its 33 inch length makes it the perfect versatile accessory. Add one to your collection today!
$110.00 $55.00
Brass & Hemp Bracelet & Necklace
This brass and hemp necklace also doubles as a wrap bracelet. Featuring hand-dyed green hemp fiber and brass beads, this necklace has a truly unique design.
Malachite Knotted Necklace
This hand-knotted 24" necklace features 3mm malachite beads. Malachite is called the "stone of transformation" for many reasons. It is said to bring focus to new growth and to assist in your personal endeavors regarding love, money, or power.
$180.00 $90.00
Grey Diamond Leaf on Onyx Necklace
Bejeweled with white diamonds, this 43mm x15mm sterling silver leaf pendant is truly unique. Strung on a 30" hand-knotted onyx beaded chain. Onyx beads are 3mm.
$560.00 $280.00
Hand Knotted Garnet Chain Necklace
This garnet necklace features hand-shaped and smoothed graduated garnet beads on a hand knotted chain. Necklace is 22" in length and beads size varies between 6mm-9mm.
$450.00 $225.00
This stunning Native American inspired necklace features 4mm hand-crafted beads made from turquoise, shell, coral, ceramic. Measuring 26" in length, this necklace was designed to be front and center of every outfit.
Brown Heishi Bead Necklace
This 23" heishi style necklace is crafted from turquoise, shell, coral, and ceramic beads. Heishi means "shell" and refers to pieces of shell which have been ground into beads. In recent times, heishi has come to define any small beads made from natural materials. Beads range in size from 6mm-10mm.
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