Men's Native American Jewelry

Inspired by the native people of North America, Lazaro Soho brings you an earthy and colorful collection of necklaces, pendants, and rings. All of our pieces are crafted with natural materials by hand so that we may do justice to the style and culture that inspired this work.

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Turquoise, Agate, Shell & Silver Peacepipe Bracelet
This bracelet was created in the image of Native American Hei-shi jewelry. The beads are made from turquoise, agate, and shells with natural brown, green, and black colors. Bracelet is affixed with a durable sterling silver clasp.
Turquoise, Shell, & Agate Peacepipe Bracelet
These Native American inspired bracelets made with turquoise, shell, and agate beads are truly unique. Option 1 (4mm) features a turquoise center framed by maroon beads. Option 2 (4-5mm) features a turquoise center framed by multicolor shell beads. Option 3 (4mm) features a turquoise canter framed by black agate beads.
Conch Shell, Agate, Turquoise, & Silver Peacepipe Bracelet
This hei-shi style peacepipe bracelet features flat wheel beads made from conch shell, agate, and turquoise. Bracelet is affixed with a silver clasp.
Agate, Turquoise, & Shell Heishi Style Necklace
This 19 inch Native American inspired peacepipe necklace is made with 4.5mm beads hand-carved from turquoise, shell, and agate.
Turquoise & Silver Peacepipe Necklace
This hei-shi style peacepipe necklace is made from turquoise beads and silver accents. Necklace measures 18 inches in length and beads measure 5mm-12mm.
This stunning Native American inspired necklace features 4mm hand-crafted beads made from turquoise, shell, coral, ceramic. Measuring 26" in length, this necklace was designed to be front and center of every outfit.
Turquoise, Shell, & Agate Peacepipe Necklace
This 25" Native American inspired necklace is crafted from hand shaped hei-shi style beads. Beads are 4mm, made from turquoise, shell, and agate.
Brown Heishi Bead Necklace
This 23" heishi style necklace is crafted from turquoise, shell, coral, and ceramic beads. Heishi means "shell" and refers to pieces of shell which have been ground into beads. In recent times, heishi has come to define any small beads made from natural materials. Beads range in size from 6mm-10mm.
Silver Indian Head Ring
Wear a bit of history with the unparallelled Silver Indian Head Ring from Lazaro SoHo. The sterling silver ring dawns pays homage to our Native American heritage, a ring to lead you back to the wild west.
Silver & Lapis Arrow Pendant on Lapis & Turquoise Necklace
This 22 inch boho style necklace is made from 3mm lapis and turquoise beads and features a 52mm x 10mm silver and lapis arrow pendant.
$480.00 $240.00
Silver Arrowhead Pendant on Silver Chain
An arrowhead is an expression of spiritual beings to life experiences to a representation of objects, connect to each with this pendant around the neck. A sterling silver arrowhead is trimmed with diamonds and placed on a classic sterling silver chain necklace.