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Garnet, Brass, & Onyx Adjustable Bracelet
This adjustable bracelet is made with 6mm round garnet beads, 8mm brass accent beads, and two 8mm onyx beads on the ends of the bracelet.
$300.00 $150.00
20mm Wide Brass and Suede Cuff
This handsome (medium) brass cuff is fitted with a soft suede interior. Cuff measures 20mm in width. Also available in 10mm (small) and 26mm (large) sizes to fit your preference.
$310.00 $155.00
Limited Edition Conch, Lapis & Turquoise Men's Beaded Bracelet
This colorful bracelet features hand carved royal blue lapis beads surrounding a marbled conch shell center, hammered brass roundels, and mosaic style turquoise beads. Bracelet is a limited edition piece.
Turquoise, Brass & Conch Shell Men's Beaded Bracelet
Inspired by the ancient Egyptians, these turquoise beads are worthy of the pharaohs. This bracelet features brass spacers and a marbled conch shell center bead.
26mm Wide Brass and Suede Cuff
This handsome (large) brass cuff is fitted with a soft suede interior. Cuff measures 26mm in width. Also available in 10mm (small) and 20mm (medium) sizes to fit your preference.
$350.00 $175.00
Ebony Wood, Brass, & Turquoise Bracelet
This hand-carved bead bracelet features 11mm ebony wood beads and brass roundels surrounding a 12mm turquoise center bead. Bracelet is claspless and strung on an elastic cord.
$350.00 $175.00
Limited Edition Tigers Eye, Jade & Brass Men's Beaded Bracelet
This limited edition piece features a combination of smoky nephrite jade, deep blue-black tigers eye beads and hammered brass roundels. The master craftsmen behind this limited edition piece used the various precious metals and gemstones to heighten the beauty and allure past what any individual material could hope to accomplish. The hammered brass spacers punctuate the black tiger’s eyes for a lovely contrast- while the nephrite jade provides a centerpiece that gives off an aura of mystery and portent. It is a fine example of the power of the creative and artisanal side of jewelry. Major Features: 13mm Nephrite Jade Bead surrounded by multiple 10mm tiger's eye beads separated by hammered brass roundels. This bracelet is made to fit an 8-8 .5" wrist and is strung on high quality parachute elastic.
$375.00 $150.00
Small Brass & Alligator Cuff
Small adjustable men's cuff made from high quality alligator leather and white brass. Cannot ship internationally.
Yellow Brass Python Men's Cuff
This yellow brass cuff features a modern and comfortable silhouette and is covered in natural soft python skin.
White Brass Python Men's Cuff
This modern and comfortable hand-crafted men's cuff in white brass features natural python wrapping. Also available in a sterling silver base-metal.
Brass & Pony Hair Cuff
This handcrafted men's cuff with brass studs features genuine pony hair.
Limited Edition Brass & Jade Men's Beaded Bracelet
Mossy nephrite jade and hammered brass roundels come together in this nature-inspired bracelet.
Jade, Turquoise, Golden Tiger's Eye & Brass Bracelet
Jade, Brass, & Golden Tiger's Eye Bracelet
Medium Alligator & Brass Men's Cuff
This medium handmade alligator leather men's cuff is adjustable and features white brass. Cannot ship internationally.
Blue Tiger's Eye & Brass Skull Bracelet
This adjustable bracelet is made from 12mm blue tiger's eye beads surrounding a 21x21x13mm brass skull. Also featured on this bracelet are two 19x5mm pointed brass tips on the adjustable pull cords.
Tiger's Eye and Brass Bracelet
A gleaming of brass rounded by the silky luster of tiger's eye. A dark and dapper piece that combines class with a leather edge.
Brass & Black Leather Men's Cuff
Detailed in stunning brass, this black leather cuff looks good for a day at the office or a night on the town. The perfect men's accessory offering both style and comfort.
Brass, Conch Shell & Wood Beaded Men's Bracelet
Go fierce with your Summer style with conch shell beads displaying small pops of mixed color and surrounded by black wood beads, as well as, brass and sterling silver roundels. Features a sterling silver closure clasp.
Large Brass Alligator Cuff
Large adjustable handmade alligator leather cuff for men with white brass. Cannot ship internationally.
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