The men's jewelry designed by Lazaro SoHo is now available through 4Gifters. The new website offers a "buy online-pickup in store" experience that is innovating the way we give, by allowing everyone to share the experience over the internet. Thanks to our new partnership with this online site that has been described as the "first e-gifting experience social platform", there is a new way to give jewelry for men from Lazaro SoHo. the site offers our customers a more intimate experience of the moment that gift is received. You can share the experience had when they get their gift in real time from anywhere around the world. 4Gifters allows you to give them a new experience of our collection of SoHo jewelry for men that's available in the store.

Designer jewelry and other gifts for him

Lazaro SoHo has joined some of the most respected international brands in launching what 4Gifters describes as a "virtual reproduction of the shop windows". 4Gifters has venders from around the world including London, Milano, New York, Rome, Paris, Miami, Stockholm, and Los Angeles. The diverse range of products and services available on the site include high-tech accessories, designer menswear, fine art, five star dining, and spa treatments.

Work with celebrity charities

4Gifters has also partnered with different celebrities to offer a new venue to promote their charities. The site makes it easy to click and donate. They even support their charities by donating "the whole of its management quota".

Lazaro SoHo and 4Gifters

Lazaro SoHo teams up with 4Gifters

4Gifter's new platform for charity donation

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