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Brass Skulls & Lava Bead Wrap Bracelet
1960'S Ivory Cross On Onyx, Agate, & Silver Necklace
Size 12 Handshaped Silver Ring
Onyx & Silver Skull Horn Pendant On Onyx & Agate Necklace
Brass Ganesh Pendant On Hematite, Ruby, Silver Chain
Crystal Horn & Silver Pendant On Lapis Necklace
Silver Coin On Tourmaline Necklace
Chalcedony & Silver Pendant On Malachite Necklace
Kyanite & Silver Pendant On Agate Necklace
Sting Ray & Leather Key Fob
Even keys need a fashionable companion, spice up your accessories wardrobe with a snazzy key fob. Fob is constructed of leather on the outer-rin and lined with sting ray, a sterling silver button with playful designs is handsomely placed on this exotic piece.
Silver & 14KT Gold Horned-Huggie Earrings
Unconventional earrings to make a statement, a realm of possibilities arrive when choosing these earrings. Curved horns set in sterling silver, display 14KT gold tips and accents. The huggie closure allows the wearer a comfort-fit.
Coral & Silver Men's Beaded Bracelet
The colorful coral has Lazaro SoHo envisioning the sea, no trip is needed with this beaded bracelet on your wrist. This look is completed with sterling silver roundels, beads size 5mm.
Lava Beaded Bracelet
The unique lava stone shares a strong connections with the earth, a stone of healing and rebirth, sterling silver roundel accents draw attention to the porous details in each bead. Pair this 7mm bracelet with other lava stone bracelets or wear as a stand alone piece.
Matte Lapis & Ruby Men's Beaded Bracelet
The handsomely elegant matte lapis is a stone that symbolizes royalty, honor, power and wisdom. The royal matte lapis is combined with the ruby, the stone of leadership, to offer great direction to the wearer. The beaded bracelet also features sterling silver accents, beads are 4mm in size.
Silver Wrapped Antler Ring
Nature calls from this earthly ring encompassing a detailed wrapped-antler design and set in sterling silver. Become one with the enviroment and this handsome ring.
Limited Edition Matte Lapis, Ruby & 14KT Gold Beaded Bracelet
Splendid blue matte lapis gracefully encompasses a timeless ruby and 18KT gold roundel. A limited edition piece to stand time, from visiting pals at the palace or riding a camel through the Middle East.
Limited Edition Matte Lapis & Silver Beaded Bracelet
A twilight of blue displayed in royal matte lapis richly spoils the wearer, this limited edition piece includes two sterling silver roundels adding a lavish hint of color to the bracelet.
Limited Edition Matte Lapis, 14KT Gold & Tigers Eye Beaded Bracelet
A mystical tigers eye bead brilliantly ties together matte lapis and 14KT gold and black sapphire roundels. This limited edition piece will leave you drifting into a world of enchantment.
Limited Edition Brass Winged & Matte Lapis Beaded Bracelet
Lapis and brass go hand in hand, colors that pair and compliment to create a bewitchingly limited edition piece. An intricately, beaming brass wing stands as the bracelet's center superbly surrounded by royal blue matte lapis beads.
Limited Edition Silver Skull & Matte Lapis Beaded Bracelet
Delight in the artistry of a hand carved skull featured in sterling silver, skull is enveloped by detailed roundels and vividly accentuated by matte lapis beads. This is a limited edition piece.
Lapis & Jet Skull Beaded Bracelet
Be the leader of the tribe, rock the wisdom of beaded lapis surrounding a hand carved jet skull. A rock star look in the boardroom or a motorcycle cruise.
18KT Gold Skull & Matte Lapis Beaded Men's Bracelet
A hand-carved 18KT gold skull playfully entertains against dapper matte blue lapis beads, bracelet stately and stylish, with an unruly touch.
18KT Gold Buddha & Matte Lapis Beaded Men's Bracelet
Enjoy a peaceful presence with a 18KT gold Buddha around your wrist, details bring the Buddha bead to life. The gold Buddha bead is accented with brilliantly blue colored matte lapis, creating a symbolism between mind and body.
Matte Lapis & Sapphire Men's Beaded Bracelet
Sapphire the stone of wisdom is handsomely displayed with a 14KT gold roundel surrounded by matte lapis beads. This bracelet will leave you lost in ocean of colorful blue hues.
Matte Lapis, Tsavorite & 14KT Gold Men's Beaded Bracelet
Royal lapis in a matte finish will leave you melting into the deep blue color of these delectable beads, a vision wrapped around the wrist accented with 14KT gold and tsavorite roundels.
Matte Lapis, Sapphire & 14KT Gold Men's Beaded Bracelet
From ancient Egyptians to modern-day royalty, the lapis serves as a prized stone for adornment and wealth. This superb bracelet features royal blue matte lapis beads, as well as, 14KT gold and sapphire roundels. An excellent bracelet to wear alone or pair with lapis gems.
Matte Lapis & 14KT Gold Men's Beaded Bracelet
A polished 14KT gold bead stands in the center, surrounded by deep indigo matte lapis which exquisitely highlights the golden center. Wear a little royalty on the wrist, lapis have been favored stones by royalty for hundreds of years.
Matte Lapis Beaded Bracelet
A swelling ocean calling your name, waves of blue roaring past. Unleash the majestic lapis and be one with this heavenly stone. These exquisite matte lapis beads perfect for pairing or to stand alone. Lapis beads measure 10 mm.
Silver Feather Pendant on Matte Lapis Beaded Necklace
Use feathers to express communication and style, this Lazaro SoHo handcrafted feather pendant calls to expressions of self. The pendant is constructed of sterling silver and bass, and accented by a royal blue beaded matte lapis necklace.
Silver Feather Pendant on Turquoise, Bone & Agate Beaded Necklace
A funky, fashionable feather pendant with an artistic vibe, pendant is set in sterling silver with a brass feather vein. This pendant is featured on a bohemian turquoise, bone and agate beaded necklace. All beaded necklace chains will vary in coloring, for a unique look.
Silver & Brass Feather Pendant
The detail brass feather pendant is complemented by a sterling silver feather vein, the coloring mixing together in unison. Freely be with a feather pendant on your chest, pair with a beaded necklace to achieve greater symbolism.
A.F. Artefact Discharged Sweat Pants
A. F. Artefact brings you these stlyish and unique discharged sweats. Pair with the matching A. F. Artefact Discharge T-Shirt for chic summer combo.
A.F. Artefact Layered Hoodie
Look no further for cool fashion to keep you warm, A. F. Artefact's layered hoodie is just what you need. This sleek and stylish layered hoodie is a Spring and Fall wardrobe necessity.
Gall Layered Cargo Shorts
These layered cargo shorts from Gall provide the wearer with tons of storage space within arms reach. Consider these shorts one of your favorite summer staples.
A.F. Artefact Khaki Green Shorts
A.F. Artefact is back with these stylish khaki green drop-crotch shorts. The breathable fabric makes these short perfect for summer and spring-time wear and the color can easily be paired with pieces from your existing wardrobe.
A.F. Artefact Discharged Shorts
A. F. Artefact brings you their signature look with these fun and stylish drop-crotch shorts. Pair them with a jacket or discharged shirt to complete the look.
A.F. Artefact Drop Crotch Shorts
From A. F. Artefact, these contemporary drop crotch shorts are perfect for an on-the-go wearer who also likes to be stylish. Wear these versatile shorts for a day at the mall or even your next workout.
Gall Layered Sweat Shorts
These stylish shorts are a must-have for a trip to the park or the mall. Gall creates a truly modern look by adding layers to the classic sweat short design.
Green Drop Crotch Sweat Shorts
From workout to relaxation, these drop crotch are desing to deliver next level comfort. These cozy sweat shorts will swiftly become your go-to pair. Also available in green.
Sapphire & Turquoise Men's Beaded Necklace
This necklace is crafted from turquoise beads, sapphires, and sterling silver accents on a hand-knotted cord. Perfect for every day or special event wear.
Embroidered Feathered Peace On Grey Burnout Tee
This colorful shirt features embroydered feathers that provide the outline for a peace symbol set on our signature burn-out v-neck shirt.
Black/Brown Limited Edition Discharged Linen Shirt
This black and brown discharged shirt features an elongated body with long sleeves and cuffed thumb holes. Completely unique in design, this limited edition shirt sports a hand-dyed design that cannot be replicated.
Green/Off-white Limited Edition Discharged Linen Shirt
This long sleeve shirt features distressed green and off-white coloring and an elongated back. This limited edition shirt will have a completely unique pattern as each one is dyed by hand.
Black/Orange Limited Edition Discharged Linen Shirt
This black and orange discharged shirt features long sleeves and an elongated back. The limited edition design is truly one of a kind as each of these shirts is uniquely handcrafted by hand.
Distressed Red Limited Edition Discharged Linen Shirt
Make red your color and brighten up Spring with discharged linen featuring an elongated back and long sleeves. Limited edition, one of a kind shirt, the pattern will vary as each shirt is uniquely handcrafted.
Burnt Orange Limited Edition Discharged Linen Shirt
A laid-back, relaxed look for wearer, discharged linen speaks of all-around comfort. This distressed shirt featured in burnt orange shirt has long sleeves and an enlongated back. Limited edition, one of a kind shirt, the pattern will vary as each shirt is uniquely handcrafted.
Distressed Orange Limited Edition Discharged Linen Shirt
Keep moving all night in this chic long sleeve shirt, discharged linen displays distressed black and orange coloring with an elongated back. Limited edition, one of a kind shirt, the pattern will vary as each shirt is uniquely handcrafted.
A. F. Artefact Distressed Zip Jacket
One thing is needed for cool days and nights, add this zip jacket from A.F. Artefact to your Spring wardrobe. The distressed color offers the perfect styling for a dressed-up club look or a casual stroll around town.
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