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Gold Infinity Cross Ring with White Diamonds
Pave Diamonds & Silver Cuban Link Bracelet
This stunning sterling silver bracelet is set with 3.5 carats of white diamonds. Measuring 25mm width at the front, and tapered to 19mm at the clasp, this design allows for the eye-catching white diamonds to be front and center.
White Diamond Gothic Armor Ring
This white gothic armor ring is designed to shine with stunning white diamonds and hand carved cross details. Created to move with you, this ring is fitted with hinges at the joints for a full range of motion.
Claw & South Sea Pearl Necklace
This sterling silver necklace features Tahitian south sea pearls, unique sterling silver raven's feet spacers, and clasp. Hand-carved silver raven's feet grasp the pearls to form a very distinctive necklace.
Pave Diamond Skull & Cross On Faceted Sapphire Bead Necklace
This handmade faceted sapphire necklace features two pendants: A diamond pave silver skull and a diamond pave cross. Purchase this combination or we can help you create your own combination.
One of Kind White & Black Diamond Silver Bracelet
Sterling silver one of a kind black and white diamonds bracelet.
Lemon Citrine Champagne Diamond & Silver Bracelet
Lemon citrine champagne diamond hand set with in a silver bracelet.
KMRii ESTOC Crocodile Tote Bag
This KMRii crocodile belly bag is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Featuring 2 interior pockets, 3 inner pockets, a shoulder strap and double handles. Measures H 15.7", W 14.1", D 4". Made to order, take 3-4 weeks.
Blue & Grey Diamond Evil Eye & Dagger Necklace
The evil eye symbol is recognized by many cultures. Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu societies all believe that when wearing an evil eye pendant, any evil intent will be returned to the one projecting it. Add some piece of mind to your daily routine with this spiritually protective necklace.
Black & White Diamond Pave Skull with South Sea Pearl on Box Chain
Sterling silver south sea pearl pendant with diamonds and a sterling silver black diamond pave skull with white diamond eyes and mouth on sterling silver box chain.
Sterling Silver Double Finger Diamond Dagger and Ruby Ring
Set with 0.15 rubies on each side of the the hilt, this sterling silver and 18kt gold ring is completely unique. Also featuring 1.07 carats of diamonds down the blade, this 74mm x 24mm double finger ring is a sight to behold. This ring will glimmer marvelously on your hand and is sure to radiate a feel of confidence and authority.
Black & White Diamond Pyramid Ring
This sterling silver diamond pyramid ring measures 20mm x 12mm and is embedded with 2.07 carats of black and white diamonds. Truly one-of-a-kind, this ring was hand-crafted with the utmost patience and attention to detail to ensure perfection.
18K Gold Large Bolt Ring
Armor Ring with White Diamonds
Black & White Diamond Carved Ring with Ruby
Sterling Silver Black & White Diamond Fleur-De-Lis Lock Necklace
This sterling silver necklace is encrusted with 1.70 carats of black and white diamond. The fleur-de-lis lock pendant measures 32mm x 18mm suspended on a meticulously hand-crafted 24 inch sterling silver cross chain.
Rough Star Ruby Gold & Silver Ring
Double-sided Silver Skull Cross & Pearl Crown On Faceted Ruby Bead Necklace
This handmade faceted ruby necklace features two pendants: A double sided sterling silver skull cross with black and white diamond eyes and a south sea pearl with a silver crown. Purchase this combination or we can help you create your own combination.
Two Medieval Crosses On Faceted Ruby Bead Necklace
This handmade faceted ruby necklace features two pendants: A medieval gold and silver cross with white diamonds and silver cross with white diamonds. Purchase this combination or we can help you create your own combination.
18K Gold Sacred Geometry Dogtag
Geometry and proportion encompass our every day lives. Harness the tranquility of balance with this 18kt Gold Sacred Geometry dog tag necklace. The pendant measures 55mm x 32mm and is strung on a leather cord.
Tahitian South Sea Pearls & 18K Gold, Large Silver Raven Bracelet
Made from .925 sterling silver, the sterling silver raven bracelet features tahitian south sea pearls and a unique raven clasp w/ 18KT gold and red garnet eyes. A significantly spiritual stone, red garnet has been long revered as a talisman of protection and resolute strength. (Size large)
Stone, Silver & 18kt Gold Leopard Bracelet
Sterling silver and 18kt gold bracelet sculpted with two leopard cats facing each other with garnet set eyes, white diamond, onyx and a sapphire pave.
14K & 18K Gold Chain
This handmade gold chain necklace consists of both 14K and 18K gold and fitted with a large clasp for charms. Ask us about mixing and matching components to fit your personal style.
Diamond & Sapphire Eyes Silver Lion Ring
Unleash your inner force that cannot be tamed with this sterling silver and gold lion ring. Featuring 18kt and 24kt carat white diamonds and sapphires, this ring has the perfect amount of flare. The roaring lion's head speaks to your daring and passionate side and measures 25mm x 36mm x 14mm.
Three Stone Cushion Cut Aquamarine Ring
One of a kind handmade ring set with three cushion cut aquamarine stones featuring prong set pave diamonds on a 14K white gold band. This aquamarine ring is the same as the one Mia Goth wore in Vogue Italia. The aquamarine stones in this ring are appreciated for the color and are considered rare among gems. Read more about Mia Goth in Vogue Italia here.
18Kt Gold, Silver & Champagne Diamond Church Window Ring
The gothic appeal of this sterling silver and 18k gold church window ring is complimented by a champagne diamond.
Sterling Silver, White Diamond, Black Diamond & 24K Gold Star Of David Cross Necklace
This sterling silver and 24kt gold star of David cross pendant has 2.24 carats of both black and white diamonds. Strung on an 8mm black onyx beaded chain, the 85mm x 55mm pendant sparkles dazzlingly against the darkly contrasted beads.
Sterling Silver Black & White Diamond Gothic Cross Necklace
55mm x 38mm Sterling Silver Diamond Cross Pendant is inlayed with 4.71 carats of black and white diamonds. Attached to an onyx chain, this necklace is the epitome of subtle, yet unique style. The muted color scheme makes this necklace perfect for any outfit, while the diamonds provide a glimmering personal spotlight.
Sterling Silver, White Diamonds, Rubies, 18K Gold & Sapphire Crown Cuff
Made from .925 sterling silver, the crown cuff features 0.40 carats of pave-set white diamonds, 18KT gold, 0.15 carats of sapphire, and 2.5 carats of rubies as well as stunning attention to detail. Featuring a medieval crown inspired look, this cuff is the perfect accessory for when you just want to express your inner regality. 34mm height
Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Cross Shield Ring
This 34mm-11mm sterling silver and 18kt gold shield ring was painstakingly handcrafted for a rugged and unadulterated style. Embellished with an ornate shield design, this ring is an exemplary choice for any outfit pairing.
London Blue Topaz, Diamond & 18k Gold Men's Silver Bracelet
This is a sterling london blue topaz 18k gold and diamond bracelet.
One of a Kind 18k & 15kt Gold Spinel Tipped Tourmaline
Tourmaline necklace with 18k gold 15kt gold is a one of a kind piece with spinel tips and hand woven gold wire.
Sterling Silver Black & White Diamond Fleur-De-Lis Armor Ring
Modeled after plate armor of the middle ages, this sterling silver ring is resilient and sturdy. This 54mm x 25mm ring is adorned with 1.85 carats of black and white diamonds, 14kt gold hinges, and topped off with fleur-de-lis and cross details. Look no further for a completely unique, full-finger ring.
Gold Necklace with Moonstone & Tahitian South Sea Pearl
Black & White Diamond Ring
This thick-banded sterling silver ring is hand-carved and set with black and white diamonds. Perfect for a wedding band or even just a statement piece, on its own or stacked, this ring is perfect for a wide variety of settings.
Sapphire & White Diamonds in 18K Gold Lady Of The Lake Pendant
This 18kt Gold Lady of the Lake Pendant is crowned in 0.15 carats of princess cut sapphire and 1.15 carats of white diamonds. The Lady of The Lake is known by many names, and is commonly recognized as the work of Arthurian fiction. Nonetheless, she is revered as a wise and cunning seductress, often described as having goddess-like qualities and abilities.
Black & White Diamonds, Sterling Silver & 24K Gold Cross Spoon Ring
This sterling silver ring features a 24 kt gold cross surrounded by 3.10 carats of both black and white diamonds. This ring measures 27mm and tapers down to 6mm to give a layered appearance. Anything but simple, this will always be the center of attention.
Limited Edition Black Diamond & Megalodon Shark Tooth Pendant
Prehistoric megalodon shark tooth pendant with black diamond cross and sterling silver. This megalodon tooth pendant is the same one makeup artist Ve Neill wore in the promotional photos for the Syfy Channel's "Face Off". Megalodon jewelry has a strong association with power, and this shark tooth pendant emphasizes that with style and craftsmanship.
One-Of-A-Kind, Sapphire & White Diamond Gold Snake Ring
This sterling silver and 18kt gold bezel snake ring comes bejeweled with 0.45 carats of diamonds and 7 carats of sapphire. Snakes have long been known as earthy creatures who live their lives close to, and in tune with the earth. Measuring 23mm-8mm, this ring is built for a comfortable fit and striking appearance.
Bicolor Gold Chain With 14K Gold Cross Dog Tag
This handmade gold chain and charm necklace consists of both 14K and 18K gold with a large clasp for charms. The 18k and oxidized sterling silver dog tag features 14k gold cross with bright white diamonds. Ask us about mixing and matching components to fit your personal style.
Black & White Diamond, Ruby & Gold Eagle Ring
Embellished with ruby eyes, and overlaid with stunning black and white diamonds from beak to band, this gold eagle ring was crafted to project individuality.
Toggle & White Diamond Eyes Carved Skull Bracelet
This handcrafted .925 sterling silver carved skull bracelet features silver skulls all the way around, pave-set with 4.2 carats of white diamonds in the eyes of each skull. This unique piece also features a bone-shaped clasp to complete the look. 21mm x 12mm
Tsavorite Eyes, 18K Gold, Black & White Diamonds Silver Lion Cross Necklace
Made from .925 sterling silver, the sterling silver lion cross features stunning attention to detail. With tsavorite eyes set in 18KT gold and pave-set black and white diamonds down the hilt, this necklace is remarkably dazzling. Tsavorite is known as an uplifting gem that helps the wearer to acknowledge the inner beauty of not only themselves, but others as well.
Black Sapphire & Grey Diamond Fleur-De-Lis Cuban Link Bracelet
This .925 sterling silver cuban link bracelet features pave-set black sapphires & grey diamonds. The front plate of this bracelet features a Fleur-De-Lis carving. The Fleur-De-Lis, or "Lily Flower" has long been known as a symbol for wisdom and achieving higher levels of consciousness.
18kt Gold & Ruby Buddha Ring
This 20mm-8mm Buddha head ring is crafted from solid 18kt Gold and has a diamond ruby "urna" on the forehead.
Gold & Green Tourmaline Celtic Skull Ring
This 18kt gold skull ring with vivid 4.5 carat tourmaline eyes measures 35-12mm. Green tourmaline has long been known as one of the most healing crystals on earth and is revered for its energy channeling qualities. The 1.90 carats of white diamond add a shimmering glow to your ensemble.
Sterling Silver Black & White Diamond Skull Ring
Lazaro's classic skull design paired with stunning black and white diamonds. The solid sterling silver skull measures 37mm x 22mm x 13mm and contains 4.35 carats of trillion, baguette, oval, princess, and pyramid cut white diamonds surrounding a one of a kind 2 carat fancy cut black diamond embedded in the forehead.
White Diamonds, Ruby, & Sapphire Crown, Cross, & Raven Necklace
This .925 sterling silver crown, cross & raven necklace is one of the most show-stopping pieces in our entire collection. The crown-link chain has 3.42 carats of pave-set white diamonds on both sides. The raven head is attached to a hand-crafted cross and can be worn with or without the ruby & sapphire crown, which also doubles as a ring. 2.10 carats of sapphires 0.60 carats of rubies
Grey Diamond Armor Ring
Modeled after plate armor of the middle ages, this sterling silver grey diamond armor ring is powerful and robust. Inlayed with 10.05 carats of grey diamonds, this 54mm x 27mm ring has plenty of eye-catching shine. Let loose your inner knight in shining armor with this alluring full-fingered ring.
Silver & Black Diamond Cuban Link Bracelet
For a bracelet that is strong and resilient, just like you, look no further. Made from .925 sterling silver, this 20mm cuban link bracelet features a beautiful handcrafted design, 18KT gold bezel and 16 carats of pave-set black & white diamonds.
Black & White Diamond Cross Shield Ring
This ring will claim prime real estate on your hand with glimmering black and white diamonds. Bold and prominent, this ring has nothing to hide and will draw the attention of all who come near.
Ganesh, Sacred Geometry Pendant & White Diamonds Gold Necklace
Ganesh is revered as the lord of good fortune, new beginnings, and the remover of both material and spiritual obstacles. Bring good luck to you with this stunning sterling silver and gold necklace fitted with white diamonds.
Black & White Diamonds Set in Gold Bezel Ring
Made from sterling silver encrusted with 21 carats of black and white diamonds, this ring is not for the common wallflower. Also fitted with a 24kt carat gold bezel, this 24mm x 14 mm tapered ring is built to stand out. The perfect look for those who live to be front-runners in the fashion game.
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