Hematite Properties

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A perspective into hematite properties, a natural stone of healing and a popular choice of jewelry by men and women around the world. Hematite is an extremely common form of iron oxide; the word "hematite" is a Greek term meaning “blood-stone” because of its metallic grey or reddish color. [...]

Shopping in SoHo: Shop New York in Style

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Image of shopping in SoHo

No trip to New York City is complete without seeing the sights, and of course, some major shopping. Whether you are a shopping in SoHo as a long-time New Yorker or a visitor, SoHo is a lower Manhattan neighborhood with some of the best stores in New York. [...]

Properties of the Coral Gemstone

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An inside look at the formation of the coral gemstone utilized within popular men's and women's jewelry and the healing they possess. Coral used in jewelry is constructed from the calcium carbonate skeleton of a marine invertebrate animals related to sea anemone and jellyfish. They form in living colonies of polyps. The calcium carbonate skeleton protects the polyps' and as the polyps reproduce, the colonies grow in size. [...]

All About Pearls

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Where do pearls come from?

When a foreign object gets inside a mollusk, such as an oyster or in freshwater a mussel, the animal covers it with layers of a substance called nacre, which forms a pearl. This can happen naturally, by chance, but this is rare and difficult to find, which makes “natural” pearls extremely valuable...[...]

Lava Stone Men's Jewelry

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Lava Stone Men's Jewelry
Lava stones are light and comfortable to wear, and they look rough and unpolished. This rustic and powerful combination makes them perfect for men’s jewelry.


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Kyanite Jewelry at Lazaro SoHo

At Lazaro Soho, we use many different kinds of stones in our men’s jewelry. Some are common gemstones...