Damien Hirst has been dubbed the “bad boy” of the art world. His rise to fame as one of the world’s most famous – and most controversial artists – is great reading on its own. Hirst’s artwork frequently explores mortality, death and decadence through the use of biological materials – most notably preserved animals, such as sharks and cattle, as well as real human skulls. His infamous pieces “For Heaven's Sake" and “For the Love of God” are platinum human skulls, both adult and infant, encrusted with diamonds. His Sotheby’s At Auction cover look is a nod to these famed pieces. His diamond-studded men’s skull rings are beautiful, yet macabre, much like Hirst’s work, which finds a certain elegance in disturbing imagery. Lazaro men’s jewelry often uses darker subject matter, such as bullets, guns, pills and skull rings and transforms them into a things of beauty that begs to be worn.


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